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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COTears to our eyesMy wife and I attended the memorial service for President Gerald Ford last Saturday evening at Vail Mountain’s Golden Peak. Having reached young adulthood in the early 1970s, we well understood the impact that Ford’s common-sense approach to governing brought to a nation wracked with distrust for the United State’s national leadership. The ski down by over 600 staff members brought tears to our eyes. We had the opportunity to visit with people who personally knew Gerald Ford and who validated our personal feelings for him. It was obvious that Gerald Ford was loved in the Vail-Beaver Creek area. We wish to thank the town of Vail, the Vail Foundation, and Vail Mountain Ski Resort for putting together this Memorial Service. Mark and Karen HagenDetroit Lakes, Minn. Critical shortage I am very concerned at the direction our community hospital is headed. The nursing shortage has hit the valley and the nursing leadership at the hospital has done little to prevent the exodus of seasoned nurses. I have several nurse friends who work at the hospital and have listened to their frustrations for years regarding the health-care crisis. The new nursing leadership has a style that is seen by my friends as a dictatorship and is running staff away. The hospital recently fired the CNO and replaced her with someone with lots of degrees but no idea of the day-to-day operations of real nursing, according to my friends.This community can’t afford to lose many experienced nurses. I’m not sure I want to go to a hospital that has an abundance of inexperienced nurses. I am sad for my friends who have worked here for many many years and are retiring or leaving to work at other hospitals to get away from the new nursing leadership at our community hospital. But we all have choices in hospitals now both east and west. As well do my friends with their numerous years of experience. I know where I’d rather be a patient. I’ll go with the experience. I wish them the best of luck. Caroline Turnbow Vail I-70 game bridgeSomeone needs to remind the Colorado Department of Transportation or its design consultant that a large expenditure above and beyond the bridge cost needs to be budgeted for funding a “game education” program, teaching the deer, elk, bears, etc., that they are only allowed to cross the freeway using the overpass. Quite a challenge, that. I for one have seen many deer and elk carcasses randomly scattered in the right-of-way, mute testimony that they refuse to adhere to the “game crossing ahead” warning signs posted by CDOT. Michael J. KoberCastle Rock, Wash.Helping travelersI would like to thank the local emergency response agencies and the local chapters of organizations that came to assist our tourists in need. The local Red Cross, Salvation Army, the Eagle County airport staff and the Eagle County emergency manager all came together to help stranded travelers. A special thanks to The Eagle County sheriff’s officers that responded to a potentially tense situation but defused it with professionalism and dignity to the passengers and themselves. Again thank you for your quick reaction to assist visitors to Eagle County who though distressed left with a positive impression of volunteers and Eagle County employees. Brian SchofieldFire ChiefEagle County Regional Airport

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