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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail, Colorado CO

Save your community

Living with three roommates in a townhome or condo is feasible for a young person or seasonal worker.

However, the stable workforce of this community has few options for settling down, buying a home, and affording a standard way of life. We are the backbone of this valley. We are your nurses, teachers, police officers, secretaries, house cleaners, carpenters, mechanics, hair dressers ” to name a few stable, hard-working professions.

It is not tragic that we cannot afford to live in a home on the slopes. However, it is tragic that this valley can no longer sustain a stable, highly-qualified, mature workforce. Our community will continue to see a decrease in the quality of its professional workforce (teachers, for example) as the older generations retire or relocate and no one else can afford to stay for long. Like the seasonal workforce, it will be comprised of the young and transient who come for a year or two only to settle elsewhere.

Like many, I “sucked it up” by living with roommates and throwing money away on rent, but I want nothing more than to settle down and commit to this community and my profession. I have no illusions of living near resort towns and owning a four-bedroom home with a yard. I am willing to trade location for a small townhome or condo, but I can’t even afford that. I can’t even afford a small condo in Edwards or Eagle. Pardon my sense of entitlement, but I don’t want to start a family in an apartment with three strange roommates.

Deed-restricted housing is not the best investment, but it is a better investment than renting, and it offers affordable, permanent housing to people like me, people who work hard supporting the community. I’d like to hear more about potential affordable housing sites and down-payment assistance programs.

We need to find a solution to this housing dilemma as a community for the community.

Jennifer Phelps


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