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Letters to the Editor

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Young males

I would like to wish Kaye Ferry a speedy recovery to what must have been a horrific blow from an apparently reckless and unapologetic youth. But I would like to respond by saying that her frustration toward snowboarding is misplaced.

There are two criticisms that I agree with: Snowboards are louder than skis and snowboarders have a blind side toward their heel side edge. As to this dangerous blind side, it is easy to assume that limited vision to one side would represent a huge liability. This might be likened to a driver whose car has the side window under “repair” with a piece of plastic. And while this may seem dangerous, is he really more dangerous than a driver (skier) with no rear or side view mirrors? Apparently not.

According to The National Ski Areas Association “Alpine skiers are three times more likely to be involved in a collision with other people than snowboarders.” The association does however continue to point to one group most likely, by a long shot, to be involved in person-to-person collisions: young males.

Watching The X-Games or or even C.O.P.S. or Jackass, for that matter, you quickly realize that snowboarders don’t have a monopoly on risky or stupid or irresponsible behavior. Snowboarders do not own unpredictable tendencies or even baggy pants.Young males, however, are certainly well-represented.

As a former young male (formerly young, still male that is), I can’t explain this natural stupidity born into us other than to verify its presence. When I saw two skiers last week under the Centennial Lift skiing backwards at speeds that would make Joe Nastar jealous, I was impressed. I also thought it looked like an accident waiting to happen. I don’t want to excuse Kaye’s assailant of being an ass. But I think the conversation should revolve about personal respect and responsibility first and foremost.

Brett Linger

Column was naive

I am a history teacher and a Democrat; I dislike George Bush and the war in Iraq.

I also just finished reading Dana Jurich’s “Africa” column and have to wonder if this women gets her information from comic books.

Tamara, if you expect your newspaper to be taken seriously, you need columns written by adults who have a modicum of knowledge about the world we live in. I’m sure Ms. Jurich is sincere, but the majority of my 10th-graders have a better understanding of the complexities of world politics than she does.

Taken as a whole, your commentary section can be interesting, but “Africa” was an embarrassment.

Leslie Gee

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