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Letters to the Editor

Compiled by Vail Daily Staff
Vail, Colorado CO

Mountain safety

This is in regards to the article by Kaye Ferry in the Feb. 7 paper about snowboarders.

If you would open your eyes you would see that skiers are doing everything what snowboarders are doing. I do believe it is called freestyle skiing and it definitely is not a brand new sport. In my opinion I think that it is just as hard to predict how a snowboarder is going to move as it is a skier.

As far riding on the side of a catwalk being grounds for losing your pass, that is complete bulls—! If you are not cutting any ropes then you shouldn’t lose your pass. You even said that you had been hit by a skier before so why is this any different?

Personally I hate stupid snowboarders as much as I hate stupid skiers. (F.Y.I. ” I am a much dedicated skier and have been since I can remember.)

I cannot believe that this article was even allowed to be published in this day and age. If you didn’t want to lose your client, who it sounds like didn’t even belong back in Blue Sky, then you should tell him to ski faster. I have a strong feeling that you are one of those instructors that turns on a catwalk like you would on a run, which would make this “accident” your fault for taking up the entire damn catwalk.

So you broke a few ribs. Guess what? That’s the risk that you take when you click into your bindings.

You can’t expect to there to be more patrolling when Yellow Jackets aren’t doing anything as it stands. Ever since Yellow Jackets have been put on the mountain I ski past them probably faster than I would any other person just to see what they will do and nothing ever happens because the majority of the time they are not even attached to their equipment. They just stand there and wave their arms at you.

My feeling on that is if you can catch me you can have my pass.

To end this short and sweet: Kaye Ferry you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to this subject and until you are educated on it you need to keep your mouth shut so stupid crap like that article never come out of your mouth.

Furthermore, the Vail Daily should never have published that article and I am sure that I will not be the only person writing in about this because it has been and always will be a touchy subject as long as people like Kaye are out there. Get over yourself!

Brittany Kitchell


Barbaro’s legacy

Austin Richardson, this letter to the editor is in direct response to your Feb. 3 “My View” column. Let me begin by saying that your “view” as stated is concerning if not alarming. At least I know who not to call and ask to dog sit! However in this instance, “my view” is that your opinion is uneducated and heartless. Clearly any response that any animal lover such as myself will prove to you to be senseless and co-dependent. But that is your misfortune, not mine.

I want to inform you about the story of Barbaro and how it has touched a nation. I am not involved in the horse-racing world and have only faint memories as a child of the great Secretariat running to fame. However my interest in Barbaro began when a friend called and filled me in with the background on Kentucky Derby day. I enthusiasm when I witnessed him running away from the pack to certain victory with a proud Edgar Prado aboard.

And who will forget the scene of Michael Matz, Barbaro’s trainer, with his family and the three children (now adults) with him, who years ago he saved by rescuing from a burning pane in a corn field?

Preakness Day came and I watched again and this time with even greater anticipation to see Barbaro leave the pack in the dust. His athleticism was unmatched ” he hadn’t lost a race to date. As I watched and saw the horrific, and I do mean horrific, events unfold I tried to fight back the tears as my three-year-old daughter looked on. I was shocked and heartbroken.

That began my vigorous search for constant updates and news on the situation. What would happen to this great champion?

Like many, I Googled the Internet to find the story. The New Bolton Center for Large Animals at the University of Pennsylvania was where Barbaro would be treated by a team led by Dr. Dean Richardson. They have a wonderful Web site and updated it daily or as conditions changed.

The story of Barbaro, which started as a threat to the Triple Crown, immediately became one of the underdog who was fighting a battle to simply survive.

No one wants to see pain or suffering, but what our culture hopes for is a Cinderella story. We want to see the longshot win! It is part of the American spirit! And we wanted Barbaro to pull through.

“When the world needed a hero that transcended all faiths, races and cultures we were fortunate to be blessed with Barbaro” ” Barbaro Memorial on a Thoroughbred web site.

“Somehow Barbaro gave all of us hope, fortitude, courage and strength. Somehow we all felt if he could make it then whatever hardship befell us, we could struggle through it and win” “Barbaro Memorial on a Thoroughbred web site.

Mr. Richardson, in the words of the 14th Dalai Lama, “it is certain that birds, wild animals ” all the creatures inhabiting our planet ” are our companions. They are part of our world, we share it with them.”

Many people in our culture seek out and strive to better themselves based on what they find inspiring. And many found inspiration in Barbaro, in phenomenal numbers for whatever personal reasons. Who is anyone like yourself to judge? What is your inspiration?

According to Barbaro’s owners and caregivers he only exhibited objective/measurable signs of pain and suffering the last night of his life when he was overcome by Laminitis in his two front feet as well and was unable to lie down. His disposition changed significantly and they were out of options.

“There is absolutely nothing we would have done differently, including the decision that was made today.” ” Roy Jackson, owner of Barbaro.

Many people for many reasons are grieving the loss of this lovely animal. Had you followed this story closely or even had an admiration for animals you might share the same sentiment.

Clearly you don’t and luckily you have shared your true feelings for animals with our community and hopefully someone from the local Humane Society has read your “view” in case you should ever consider adopting a pet.

To all of the animal lovers in our community, please continue to find love and inspiration through your animals.

Adrienne Gibbs


Not complicated

Dear Tavius Sims,

Your recent article on Feb. 2 showed your indifference to real science. I looked up one of the skeptics you proclaim as the truth in the global warming “debate.”

Sallie Baliunas is one of these skeptics. One need only look deeper into her connections with Big Oil to see through the smoke and mirrors.

See her biography and references on wikipedia.org. Thousands of scientists agree on the connection of cardon dioxide and global climate change.

Please look at the simplest explanation, not a complicated future taxation conspiracy. Big Oil wants to make profits ” now!

Patrick Tvarkunas

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