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Regarding Don Rogers’ commentary, “The war plays out on cable TV,” I would like to make the following comments:

It is difficult to recognize objective reporting such as that on Fox TV, since most coverage by major networks in recent years is slanted so heavily to the liberal perspective (anti-George Bush presently). If anyone is propagandizing, it is ABC-TV (in Vail Channel 7), through figureheads such as Peter Jennings and Sam Donaldson. They are a little more subtle than Peter Arnett, but for all intensive purposes ABC might as well be the Iraqi state television.

Many liberal Democrats are still stinging from the election, especially the TV commentators, and automatically knee-jerk against any position taken by the present administration.

Your distinction between various politicians in the present administration is well taken, but the present policy toward Iraq makes it clear who is in charge. Time was not a factor in the French decision to not join the coalition against Saddam. Thirty days, six months or two more years would not have made any difference to the French. Oil from Iraq and economic ties presently and in the future controlled and still control the French policy.

The Russians just had more arms they wanted to sell to Saddam. I agree that the Germans might have joined us in time, but they fear reprisal in their own country by terrorists.

The decision to attack now and not wait for some unspecified time was not an easy or popular decision to make. Until time proves otherwise, I must go along with that decision and trust that it was the right one.

Too bad George H. did not finish the job 12 years ago, when our justification for being there was more timely and direct. I still do not understand his decision. Maybe he was listening to the French and liberal Democrats, although my recollection is that the other countries in the immediate area of Iraq were worried about the destabilization in the region that might occur with a regime change.

In any event, we are there and hopefully we will see it through to a good conclusion in Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot change all the regimes in the area, but perhaps most of them, especially Syria and Iran, will see the handwriting on the wall and will cooperate with us and take steps against terrorists.

At the same time it would be nice if the Bush administration would take effective steps with Israel to peacefully solve the Palestinian question.

Bob Essin

Outdated info

The April 3 Vail Daily article on Colorado’s lynx reintroduction program outdated and misattributed a statement to me. The article ran exactly a week after I sent the Vail Daily a press release stating that federal District Judge Clarence Brimmer had dismissed the Mountain States Legal Foundation challenge to the lynx reintroduction program, a fact not reflected in the article.

Judge Brimmer stated that the case in which Sinapu intervened on behalf of the lynx program was baseless because Mountain States Legal Foundation’s claims of harm were completely speculative.

With regard to misattribution, the article stated that I said, “Lynx reintroductions will elevate fire danger to homes.” The savvy reader would have picked up on the fact that the next paragraph, which directly quotes me, contradicts that attribution. For the record, lynx reintroduction will not increase fire danger to homes. Judge Brimmer agreed.

The Mountain States Legal Foundation lawsuit was the second in a series of their failed attempts to thwart a unique program that the citizens of Colorado are rightly proud of.

Such extremist legal volleys are an insult to our children and grandchildren – generations that deserve to inherit a planet where wilderness has not been relegated to history books.

Rob Edward


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