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Letters to the editor for Sunday in Vail Daily

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A fiction, as wellI enjoyed Mr. Gennetts entry from the left, and he was right on cue, but not on point in that he totally missed the satire of Englands Camelot and the U.S. Constitution. The former, albeit a fiction, made a statement for principles.The latter set forth principles for a Republican form of government. But owing to the present and liberal construction that it is a living Constitution, it has become a fiction as well. That was my point. Mr. Gannett seemingly was more preoccupied in his personal denigration of me, and his endeavor to overwhelm us with his historical research, that he did not comprehend my humor (satire) nor my distaste for the political atmosphere that pervades our country today as partially evidenced by his aspersions. The process that we are enduring in this election reflects what American culture has become: divisive, degrading, corrupt, disingenuous and unrealistic. We cannot even hold a dignified, honest and fair election, what with the bias of the mainstream media, input from celebrities and associations of certain repute (ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, ACORN, Move On.Org, DNC, RNC, and the candidates themselves). Therefore, I truly differ from Mr. Gannetts opinion in that I feel that we do not have a meaningful Constitution in place today. With all of the parsing, embellishment and agenda spin, this American charter has become our Camelot. Fredric Butler Eagle What his clean shirts sayJon Stavney, Peter Runyon and Arn Menconi continue to trivialize the amount that taxpayers have to pay in property taxes. This is a sales trick that is called reducing it to the ridiculous. Notice how the sales ads all say This is only $X per month! What may seem trivial to these people is real money to many people. This is why I find significance in Jon Stavneys recent campaign expense report. Jon must have felt as though it cost real money for dry cleaning, so he used other peoples money to pay to launder his own shirts. Using their same sales tactic, the trivial amounts were $20.39 and $26.86, which works out to only $3.94 per month. If Jon is willing to use other peoples money in this fashion now, what would he spend money on if elected and in control of a $110 million budget? Maybe if his property taxes had not gone up so much, he could have paid for this himself instead of using other peoples money.Tom Stone GypsumRight man at right timeIt came out at a debate this week in Glenwood Springs that state Rep. Al White, R-Hayden, sponsored legislation last year to reduce government oversight of the wastewater ponds that are used to keep poisons and waste from gas drilling from polluting our water supply.White has also come out strongly against Amendment 58, which if passed would end a decades-old tax subsidy for energy companies. Even though Colorado would continue to have one of the lowest severance tax rates in the nation, at just five percent, White is against 58.White suggested this week that the energy industry would be willing to negotiate a new rate with the state, but first we must vote Amendment 58 down. He must be really cozy with the likes of Encana, Williams, Chevron and Shell to be so sure that theyd be willing to raise their own taxes.Al White has been in the state Legislature for eight years, during the entire energy boom. Why hasnt he attempted to renegotiate severance taxes before now?White wants to deregulate wastewater management in the gas fields and continue tax breaks for massive out-of-state corporations like Chevron and Exxon. And now he wants to represent those of us whom are most impacted by the energy boom in the State Senate. Our communities and our environment cant afford that kind of leadership.Vote for Ken Brenner for state Senate. Hes a lifelong resident who has 10 years of experience in local government in Steamboat Springs and Routt County and a proven record of balancing development with environmental protection.Ken Brenner is the right man at the right time for northwestern Colorado.Allyn Harvey CarbondaleVote, but use your brainI read the interesting article by Joy Warren re voting for Obama. I think her article gives evidence to what Ayn Rand meant when she said that reasoning is not the default position for humans. Vote, but please put some thought into it. Hope is not a plan; its not even a goal. Change is fine but only if it relates to improving that which has been proved to work. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater may get rid of the problem short term, but Compassion does not mean not holding one accountable for ones actions. And youth and energy are great but do not surpass experience. Would you want to be the first individual to be operated on by a neurosurgeon or one who has performed many such operations? Learning new tricks is good, but maybe the trick is to use your reasoning abilities and vote for the policies that make sense. Were electing an individual to be president of the United States, not president of the debate society or the cheerleading club. Talk about duplicity. The man Ms. Warren is voting for is a master at dividing and conquering and at the same time giving an outward expression of his desire to unite. I will fight for the middle class. What about the lower class and the upper class? Who will represent them? Arent we all citizens worthy of representation? Talk about being disingenuous. How about Wall Street vs. Main Street? Sure, there needs to be reform, but the fact is Wall Street is Main Street. The publicly traded firms employ millions of individuals. The better those firms do, the more people they can hire and the more money they can pay and the better your 401k, IRA and other investment vehicles will do, the more and better services and products will be available. Were all emotional beings, but put your head above your heart and review the Web sites of both Obama and McCain and think about how their respective policies could work and what their effect would be. Robert King Leadville Hasty FCC proposal This has been a difficult economic year for all of us. Too many Americans are struggling to pay their monthly bills. Many people are wondering if regular citizens are ever going to be able to stop bailing out big companies. Apparently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) thinks we need a relief package for the nations largest telecommunications providers. Thats why the FCC is just days away from voting on a proposed order that could end up costing consumers millions of dollars on their monthly phone bills.Right now, when AT&T and Verizon use smaller carriers telephone networks to complete calls, they have to pay an access charge to those carriers. This is a major revenue source for the mid-sized telecommunications companies that serve mostly rural, high-cost areas. The order proposed by FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin would all but do away with that revenue, instead shifting the burden to all residential and business telephone customers by forcing carriers to raise their rates $2 to $15 per month. Most astonishingly, Chairman Martin insists the FCC must vote on this order on Nov. 4. Perhaps he assumes that no one will be paying attention when this proposal is approved without even the slightest input from consumers or anyone representing their interests. I encourage everyone reading this to take the time to send a note to the FCC commissioners (their e-mail addresses are below) and to your representatives in Congress, urging them to look out for consumers. We need to stop this vote. The only vote taking place on Nov. 4 should be in the voting booth, not at the FCC.Chairman Kevin Martin at KJMWEB@fcc.gov; Commissioner Deborah Tate at dtaylortateweb@fcc.gov; Commissioner Robert McDowell at Robert.McDowell@fcc.gov; Commissioner Michael Copps at Michael.Copps@fcc.gov; Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein at Jonathan.Adelstein@fcc.gov Erik Zimmer Eagle Stavney did well I have to respond to Jan Rosenthal Townsends Oct. 23 diatribe against Jon Stavney who I am supporting for county commissioner on Nov. 4.Perhaps Ive not been to as many Town Hall meetings as Jan, but I have attended many. Ive watched Jon Stavney facilitate the town of Eagle through some of our most difficult hearings. In my estimation, he presided with attentiveness and patience despite name calling and many disruptions from attendees who took one side of an issue or another. Often the most disruptive attendees didnt even reside in the town itself. Anyone who has attended the Eagle Board of Trustees meetings has heard at length how and why Jan Rosenthal opposes Eagle River Station. Based on her speeches, I am not surprised that she doesnt support Jon. Certainly, she has a right to voice her opinion. However, there are many on the other side who think ERS will be an asset to our community. When all is said and done, the residents and property taxpayers of the town of Eagle will probably be called upon to vote for or against the project. That decision will be based on arguments from both sides of the issue, not just Jans.In addition, Jan mentioned that she opposes the countys involvement in child care and worker housing. Ive seen no indication that the private sector has been willing to take this on. Without both programs we will continue to experience worker shortages in the valley. I believe it is forward looking of Jon to support both programs. Socialism or just good sense? In my mind, Jons commitment to Eagle County is not up for debate. He did a fine job as mayor, has an in depth understanding of the issues facing the county and will do his best to keep young families in our community while maintaining our economic health. Thank you, Jon, for standing tall. I know what leadership is about. I know what Jon is about. We need that kind of strength at the county. Carole Onderdonk Eagle

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