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Letters: U.S. supports Israel

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Vail CO, Colorado

U.S. supports Israel

Commenting on your “Live from 92nd Street Y” article, I can’t believe Caroline Glick has the gall to say that the West doesn’t support Jews! How about enabling the creation of a strictly Jewish state, Israel, and providing Israel with money and high-tech weaponry to prevent their demise in two separate wars? Come on, get a clue!

Clark Woodard


‘Naive’ beliefs

(Refer to “God and science do exist”)

Excellent article! I am a theoretical physicist. I personally find atheism to be understandable but intellectually naive and immature. Let me be clear that on the other hand most religious dogma also tends to be intellectually naive and immature. Ironic, no?

Alex Mayer

Columbus history

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled “It’s Columbus Day!”)

Mr. Cacioppo,

I am baffled by your view on this Columbus Day issue. With all due respect to your Italian heritage, you are completely wrong about Columbus and his antics in the Caribbean. The raping and murdering of the Arawak, Carib and especially the Taino Indians began when he first landed on this island that had been inhabited by these people 1,000 years before his arrival. “Discovery Day?” What did Columbus discover?

On his second trip back to the Lesser Antilles looking for gold, Columbus brought more disease and more ships to begin bringing the Arawak and the rest of these native Caribbean people back to Italy for slavery. He brought these people from the land he supposedly “discovered.” This happened because he was unable to mine enough gold to appease his sponsors.

Over a 10-year period Columbus and his crews turned the Caribbean Islands into a bloodbath. Turning a population of 8 million into a 100,000 in a matter of no time. This is fact. Was Columbus there for all these horrible events? Probably not.

Christopher Columbus was no doubt a brave explorer who got in way over his head on his way to China. But to have a national holiday in his name, no. He set out on this voyage with a bunch of savages in tow and things went terribly wrong for these Caribbean natives. Let’s take this day and remember not only the Caribbean natives but our native Americans here who have suffered as well.

And Mr. Cacioppo if you have any questions on this Columbus thing go to the Island of Dominica and visit one of the reservations, or any of the islands in the Lesser Antilles. Not by cruise ship. Go digging around. I think that would change your mind.

John Kelly


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