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Letters: Vail bartender will be missed

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Ernie, that rascal

(Refer to “Bartending legend says goodbye”)

I saw the article in the Vail Daily today and it brought back an old memory. It was October of 1976. I had just moved to Vail from back East. By December, I had visited the Ore House a few times since I was working in the Village. One evening, after work, I stopped in for my after-work cocktail.

While sitting at the bar, bartender Ernie Nelson said there was a telephone call for me. He handed me the phone in a rather furtive motion and I put it to my ear. The earpiece was covered with whipped cream which I didn’t notice. After I filled my ear with whipped cream everyone at the bar gave out very loud guffaws.

I was a bit perturbed and proclaimed that “my drinks are on Ernie,” which did not send Ernie into spasms of despair. We were good friends ever after. Ernie ” you’re the best.

Norm Ladd

Congrats to winners

I am writing to congratulate the candidates who were elected to Vail’s Town Council. There is much work to be done and I applaud them for the role they will play in our town over the next two to four years.

I would also like to congratulate the candidates who were not elected; I felt it was a fair, pleasant, and positive campaign for all involved. I would also like to thank the community for supporting me. I felt very humbled and flattered by the many people who offered their support, money, and time to help me with my campaign.

I had figured from the get-go that I would put what I have to offer out there, and if the electorate wanted it, then great, and if not, then that would be just fine too. Ultimately, the electorate landed on the “just fine, too” side of things.

Running for office is kind of like asking a girl out on a date. Sometimes the girl says no. I’m not going anywhere, so of course I will continue to see all the usual suspects at council, Planning and Environmental Commission, and Vail Recreation District meetings and functions. And I will ask the girl again sooner or later.

The endgame is that here in Vail we have some very fortunate problems. Parking provides one simple example: a real problem would be if the parking spots were empty on a powder day! Those of us who live here enjoy that privilege, thanks to in some cases luck, in some cases hard work, in some cases fortunate timing, and in most circumstances some permutation of those factors. We all share some very meaningful and fundamental traits. We all make a tangible daily sacrifice of some sort to live here; no one just winds up in Vail. To that end, I would like to humbly remind everyone to remember to stop and smell the roses. The campaign trail really helped me do that, and I am very grateful.

Scott Proper


600 came for event

Recently, on Tuesday, Oct. 30, the Town of Minturn held their annual Trick or Treat night. This event was a huge success. There were well over 600 children who came to Minturn for fun, laughter, and of course, candy. The Town of Minturn set up an area by Town Hall that was decorated with lights, cobwebs, spiders, pumpkins, a gingerbread house and two Halloween inflatables to get into the spirit of the evening. Every family in the valley knows that you can bring your children to Minturn for a safe and fun evening of Halloween activities. It is an honor and a pleasure for the Town of Minturn and the citizens to host such an event.

The success of this event was the result of several area stores that donated items: City Market in Vail, Safeway Market in Vail and Wal-Mart in Avon. I would like to acknowledge the generosity of each of these establishments for their willingness to support the Town of Minturn for this event. Due to the contributions from these businesses, the town was able to distribute 600 goodie bags to the children. The contributions of each store contributed to the success of the evening; however, the town would like to acknowledge the extremely generous donation that was submitted by Wal-Mart.

As always, it was a rewarding time to see the children having fun with their families and enjoying trick or treating throughout Minturn. It was an event that was well attended and there were many compliments as to what we were able to accomplish as a result of the stores’ charitable contributions.

Lisa A. Osborne

Minturn Police records clerk/municipal court clerk

Bush doing no good

I’m still very proud to be an American, but Mr. Bush and his cronies continue to make it difficult. What in the world are they doing?

First, Mr. Bush chose to invade a country (Iraq) under the pretense that it had something to do with Sept. 11 or that their weapons were a threat to our well-being. Neither rationale was true and he and his advisors knew it.

Second, they insist upon a continuation of this insane war by proclaiming that we must “win” without ever even defining “win”.

Third, depending on the day of the week, they either deny or rationalize the well-documented torture of prisoners ” a clear violation of our Constitution and the Geneva Convention. It brings great shame to our country!

Fourth, they hire a bunch of thugs (Blackwater and others) and permit them to kill Iraqi citizens despite any evidence of wrong-doing or evil intentions.

Fifth, our fine president makes little mention of death and destruction and absolutely none of the additional trillion-dollar debt that we’re passing onto our children.

Sixth, no one in this administration even acknowledges the fact that our reputation has been severely diminished throughout the world. And no wonder!

Meanwhile, Mr. Bush and his cronies have the gall to question the “values” and intentions of the leaders of Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. They speak of the virtues of our democracy even as they compromise our Constitution and Mr. Bush totally ignores the “will of the people.” They threaten a “strike” against Iran, which would certainly unite the Muslim world against us and would likely propel Russia and China into dominant positions of world leadership.

And so, I ask again, “what in the world are they doing”?

David Le Vine

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