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Letters: Vail parking problems

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Column was sexist

This month’s Zalaznick Award for dumb writing goes to Tamara Miller, for her essay “Share the blame, ladies.” She edged out Heather Lemon and her moderate Republican drivel about patriotism and the immigration bill.

Miller wants it all ” equality plus special preference. She repeats the usual canards about income disparity, without acknowledging that this is an apples and oranges comparison. A woman who is willing to work full time, all the time, can earn as much as men in equivalent careers.

But many women don’t want that. They want to have families and be moms. They make choices about how they spend their time while their children are young. Should these women feel guilty about that? Even if it lowers the average income figures?

Miller goes on to disprove her point by showing how women regard other women with hostility, at work and elsewhere. No search for the root causes there.

Is it true that there are differences between the sexes? And if there are, how does that affect the composition of the executive suites and the ranks of elected officials?

Actually, there is no position that a woman is not qualified for. Liberals only claim sex discrimination when it suits their ideological purposes. They wouldn’t go for a Margaret Thatcher as chief executive. How about filling the next Supreme Court vacancy with Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown, or Diana Sykes? Or having the evening news chaired by Michelle Malkin, Mona Charen, Laura Ingraham or Kate O’Beirne?

It’s like the whining about racial imbalance. They want to see more black faces in the public spotlight, unless that face belongs to a conservative, like Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, J. C. Watts, Thomas Sowell or Ward Connerly.

Terry Quinn


Bring back the bus

I was saddened to read that Avon’s bus service to Beaver Creek will be discontinued. There will be many guests paying to lodge in Avon as well as residents who will not be able to take a direct bus to the ski area.

As an alternative, the Riverfront Gondola is weak tea at best. While it links up with the chair to the top of Strawberry Park (and the bottom of the Bachelor Gulch runs), it is simply not as efficient, time-saving or workable as the direct bus. Skiers wanting to access Beaver Creek Village and the favorite and heavily used Centennial lift will have to take the lift from Beaver Creek Landing (after being deposited there by the gondola), then the Bachelor Gulch lift up, then ski down Strawberry Park runs to the village. It has been my experience that many skiers are uncomfortable skiing those runs, simply because one has to be, or should be, an intermediate or above to enjoy them.

And, of course, it takes much longer to get to the village taking first the Riverfront Gondola, then the two lifts, and then skiing down.

I don’t know the motivation(s) that prompted the construction of the Riverfront Gondola (I can guess), but, in my opinion, it falls far short of a practical, time-saving alternative to a direct bus to the village.

Sorry, I believe the gondola to be a less-than-adequate alternative (OK, a mistake) to the bus and question the legitimacy or soundness of the motivations for its construction. What we will find, come winter, is that Avon skiers will soon find this out and make their way to the Bear parking lot buses, further crowding them.

Let’s find a way to retain the Avon to Beaver Creek bus route. After all, customer service is paramount in this community.

Ted Springer


Vail parking adventures

I would like to describe our afternoon in Vail in hope that you all might be in positions of power and influence and in hope that you are striving to make Vail a better place to visit and live.

My mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, 9-month-old niece, brother, sister-in-law, and future mother-in-law were in town visiting my fiancee and me. On Sunday, I suggested visiting the Vail Farmer’s Market so they could see Vail in full flavor.

Unfortunately, the experience left everyone frustrated, disappointed and will probably result in none of them patronizing Vail again. The market itself is great while access to parking, if one is not staying in a Vail hotel, is poor enough to steer one to skip a return trip or future vacation.

We arrived at approximately 1:15 p.m. and spent the next half-hour crawling from top to bottom in the Vail Village parking structure. Regrettably, we didn’t find an open space. I noticed we weren’t the only disappointed visitors as car after car sped out of the garage toward the roundabout. Some may have just left, some may have ventured toward the Lionshead parking structure to await another line and a 15- to 30-minute bus ride to the village (approximate net time after waiting for a bus and the bus ride). Because we had already spent 30 minutes in the garage and weren’t up for exhausting another 30-45 minutes making our way back to the market, we decided to follow the lead of other frustrated patrons and park near the garage on the Frontage Road. Discouraged, we walked to the market, slowly melted away our emotions and started to enjoy ourselves. Upon our return around 2:45 p.m. we found a police officer waiting for us. He was extremely reasonable and told us we were not allowed to park on the Frontage Road and instructed us to move our cars. We did so.

The reason I’m writing you, the Vail Town Council, the Vail town manager, the Vail transportation and parking manager, the Vail community development director, the Vail Resorts COO and senior vice president, the Vail Resorts CEO and finally the editor of the Vail Daily is because of a growing concern of which I know you’ve heard of before now, that Vail is becoming less and less accessible to visitors not staying in one of the villages and to valley residents that don’t live in Vail proper. In the past few years, we’ve found it more and more difficult to find parking at Vail whether it be for a Tuesday night concert, farmer’s market, a big snow day on any day of the week or even a crappy snow day on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Realizing the economics of using valuable real estate for parking, I’m starting to wonder when experiences such as mine today will result in fewer future visitors to Vail and as we all know, less opportunity for “us” to live, work and play in the valley.

I believe it’s important for valley residents to share their experiences, concerns and kudos with you in order for you to better govern, manage and direct your town and businesses.

I’m excited to read your responses and hope to see action plans and movement instead of public relations rhetoric.

Shane Gaherty


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