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Letters: Vote no on Eagle-Vail tax question

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Vote no on Eagle-Vail tax

Do not be fooled by a great spin doctor.

Eagle-Vail property owners: Vote no on 5A. We are receiving a tax increase if this is approved.

I am a taxpayer in both Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District and the town of Avon. As a councilor for the citizens of Avon I have learned many of the subtleties of taxes and government spending. As an Eagle-Vail taxpayer I see a ballot question that takes away my rights to decide on long-term funding for much-needed capitol projects.

The ballot language for 5A is not written in the best interest of all taxpayers in Eagle-Vail. Language that protects the voters’ rights would have limited the tax question to the $2.5 million in funds needed for the currently planned capitol projects, repairs and improvements. The pool project will be “paid for” in less than five years. The taxpayers of the Eagle-Vail Metro District will have little real control of what they do with our money after that.

Vote no on 5A or you will not be given the opportunity to vote on additional expenditures.

This is a permanent change in your taxes and gives the Eagle-Vail Metro District authority to spend the taxpayers’ money “without regard to any spending, revenue raising or other limitation.”

Vote no on 5A or you will eliminate your right to approve major capitol expenditures.

While I understand and agree that the Eagle-Vail assets are in great need of repair and replacement, the ballot question and financing plan does not fix the underlying problem ” 30 years of bad planning and inadequate management of taxpayer assets.

Please read the ballot closely. Please carefully read the written comments “for” the proposal that you received in the mail. Unless you want to give away, in perpetuity, your right to approve projects, you should vote no on 5A.

Due to the change in the methodology of property valuations, Eagle-Vail owners will see an increase in property taxes if this passes. Currently 5.435 mills are a fixed-rate approved for operating expenses and 9.4 mills are debt service expenses that normally would be reduced as property’s increase in value.

Vote no on 5A or a property previously valued at $400,000 and re-assessed in 2008 to $600,000 will have the Eagle-Vail portion of taxes go from $593 to more than $860. If you vote no on 5A, 2008 taxes would increase to about $732 for the Eagle-Vail portion of taxes.

If you vote no on 5A your debt service mill would be reduced to fewer than 7 mills. If 5A were defeated your total mills for 2008 would reduce to about 12.2 mills. Vote no on 5A or you are approving an increase of more than 2.6 mills.

While most other towns and districts in Eagle County will see a mill levy decrease to partially compensate for the increase in property valuations, Eagle-Vail metro district taxpayers will not. Eagle-Vail already has taxes that are higher than Vail, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum and Homestead. Vote no on 5A or your taxes will be higher than Singletree and Avon as well.

Do not give away your rights to approve spending. Vote no on 5A.

Amy Phillips

Avon and Eagle-Vail

resident and taxpayer

Appalled by Clinton

Is anyone else totally appalled by the apparent stupidity and disrespectful behavior of another Clinton, Miss Hillary? She attempted to degrade and insult Gen. David Petraeus, who, by the way, is in charge of protecting the United States. She called him a liar at a hearing, which supposedly was meant to permit the general, one of the finest military men to represent America, an opportunity to explain what and how our valiant men and women in uniform are doing. Her total lack of respect for our military leaders was astounding.

Perhaps we should remember that it was Bill Clinton’s stupidity and disregard for the FBI, CIA, and the military that lead us to the horrors of Sept. 11. The plan was made and hatched, while Arab terrorists practiced at flight schools during the eight years of the irresponsible Clinton administration. While Billy fiddled (and played about in his office), the plans for attacking New York were on the computer of one Frenchman, al-Qaida agent Zacarias Moussaoui. Due to the political correctness ingrained in those responsible for our safety at the FBI during the Clinton era, no one was allowed to look into the laptop computer of this innocent young Arab taking flying lessons at the Pan Am Flying school in Minnesota.

Miss Hillary clearly opposed the general and cast her lot with the nuts at http://www.Moveon.org. Senators are supposed to be on the side of the United States during a war. United we stand, divided we fall or something like that?

Henri Stone


Snowmobilers wanted

Most of the people in the valley are excited about the upcoming ski/snowboard season as am I, but there is another very popular sport that many around here are also looking forward to and that is snowmobiling.

As the president of the local nonprofit snowmobile club, the Holycross Powderhounds, I would like to invite all those who own sleds or are interested in getting into the sport to learn more about the club and the Colorado Snowmobile Association that we are affiliated with. On Friday, Oct. 26 we will be having a kick-off the season party starting at 6 p.m. at Mango’s in Red Cliff. There will be a bus shuttle from Meadow Mountain and we will have food and door prizes and movies at the party.

The club does the grooming from Red Sandstone to Muddy Pass and much more. if you are into sledding you need to come and find out what we are all about and meet the many riders who have been in the club for years.

If you have questions call me at 476-2417.

Randy Guerriero

Thanks for the hustle

I just wanted to thank the man/woman who worked so quickly in getting my friends Marty, Dereck, and Shayne in the “Town Talk” section. It looked great and meant so much to them. You guys ROCK!

J.T. Peebles


Gypsum cemetery directory

As a member of Troop 222 in Gypsum/Eagle, I am currently working on my Eagle Scout project. My project is to make a directory for the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Gypsum. There are a number of unmarked graves in the cemetery. If anyone has a friend or relative that is buried there without a marker, please contact me at 524-7781 so they can be included in the directory. Thank you for your help.

Prather Silverthorn


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