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Letters: We have a people problem

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

A people problem

If you have lived in the valley ” down the valley or up the valley ” for whatever time, most of us know it’s summer and the bears are out. We know, or at least I do, don’t feed the bears.

I live on Hurd Lane and occasionally I do see one. I give him his space and he allows me mine. I’m not afraid to go fishing each and every day on the river two feet from my house. I ran into the bear once and he ran the other way.

I support the “bear tickets” and all, but where is this enforcement when it comes to the Eagle Bend apartments on Hurd Lane with their constantly open Dumpsters? I heard today that residents of the complex are afraid to go outside for fear of the bear. Hello? How about getting new Dumpsters or at least trying to shut the doors on the 10 that you have?

I drive by each and every day and not once are the doors on the Dumpsters closed. Now the residents of Eagle Bend want the bear gone? I say let the bear stay and slap a fat ticket on Eagle Bend for their Dumpsters.

Lynn Leigh

Recall is worth it

Is the recall for Commissioner Menconi necessary? The “no” people vary from Menconi loyalists to those who feel it is a waste of time and money. The “yes” people vary from those who actually voted for him in the first place to those that think he is not playing straight.

The “no” people feel that he was duly elected. Even if there are disparities in his doing his job, waiting him out may be more responsible and sensible. They may also feel that there are not sufficient grounds to oust him. They may have a point to a degree. He does not have that much time left, how much damage can he do?

The “yes” people feel that he has stepped well over the bounds of sensibility. His ignoring the will of the voters in the last election and taking general fund money for the exact same purpose as was defeated in the election is totally unacceptable. How many times will he instigate this behavior before he is out? He has created controversy not sensibility, and county employees are afraid to question him. This is not the kind of government we would choose. Menconi believes only his agenda matters, not voter desires.

Some of you remember when Eagle was an economically poor county. Now because of some smart guys and Mother Nature we have become a wealthy county.

Unfortunately the county seems to have also drifted from a conservative neighborhood to a liberal one. Liberals want to spend your money on any program they can create; conservatives are a little more tight-fisted. Mr. Menconi and his comrades will drain this county dry. He has already reduced some county reserve funds from 25 percent to 15 percent. This is dangerous and he has plenty of time to do even more.

Getting back to the yes and no question, can we afford to wait him out? I believe the answer to that is a firm no. Cost-wise it is only 90 cents per voter to have a special election and time is of the essence.

Arthur Kittay will be signing the petition. The voters have a right to speak. It is constitutional, and we have a responsibility to ourselves to make that judgment call on Commissioner Menconi’s service.

Signing the petition only allows an election for removal. It does not remove him.

Arthur Kittay


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