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Letters: What about Eagle Valley sports?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Keep Vail beautiful

We have been homeowners in Vail for the last eight years. We bought a home here because Vail was a quiet, beautiful town in the midst of magnificent nature.

We have watched with sadness over the last few years how overbuilding and lack of respect for nature are taking the charm away from our little town. We are now looking at a place where from many windows you see another building, no longer the beautiful mountains and trees. It is starting to feel more like New York City in the mountains instead of the gem Vail used to be. We fear that greed will destroy the town and all the beauty it once had.

We are especially being damaged by the new proposed building in Cascade Village next to the lift, which will not only block our view but will destroy our privacy.

As taxpayers we request respect and attention to this kind of problems. Longterm, keeping Vail beautiful will be more valuable than profits of too many projects. We respectfully request a reply to our concerns.

Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Varon

Devils deserve more

It is becoming a bigger and bigger disappointment every time I log onto http://www.vaildaily.com, and the only thing I see is “Battle Mountain this” and “Huskies that.”

I honestly thought this was a fair and upholding newspaper. It’s sad that Chris Freud has nothing better to do than kiss butt and brown nose up to Battle Mountain every second of everyday. And no, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

In fact, many people have said something to you, Don Rogers, and Chris Freud about the continued unfairness regarding high school sport recognition in the Vail Daily.

Maybe I do have a bias because I’m a Eagle Valley High School graduate. However, it would be nice to see something about our football team, one that has heart and a strong community following, or the volleyball team that is rebuilding, getting stronger, and has a student body to back them up.

Maybe Chris Freud needs a vacation, or maybe the parents of Eagle Valley High School should be paying him; then maybe we would be getting the recognition we deserve.

Hannah Moore


Thanks for coverage

The artists of the 10th Annual Red Cliff Studio Tour would like to thank the Vail Daily for their huge support. We received many comments on the excellent coverage in your newspaper.

The feature articles were well-written and interesting. The artist photos/portraits were thoughtful and well-composed.

We recognize the artistic talents of Caramie Schnell, Ted Alvarez, Dominique Taylor and staff graphic artists. Thank you to Kip Tingle and others at the Daily.

We’d also like to thank the many, many people who drove up to Red Cliff for our 10th annual event. Some of you have been coming to our event faithfully for years; others were brand new to the event.

Many, many thanks!

Barb Bomier

Red Cliff

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