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Letters: What happened to Vail’s Minnie’s Deck?

Matthew Alton
Vail CO, Colorado

Whoa, bro! When did Vail Resorts land on our beloved planet earth?

Where the heck did Minnie’s Deck go? Is she on vacation, too?

I’m sure she could use a massage and a facial, but the game is on brother. We’re burnin’ and turnin’ full swing right about now and a legendary sun spot seems to be taking a long smoke break.

So, now our apres at Garfinkels doesn’t get sun after 3:30 p.m. (thanks Arrabelle, I hope Bon Jovi’s glutes are warm n’ cozy) and our long-lived Minnie’s Deck is no longer existent! Capital WOW.

You didn’t get enough jollies off when y’all nixed BB and B, dynamited my cabin and started putting up ropes in March to block off access to Minnie’s? That wasn’t enough punishment for the free-willed who make this place what it really is? What’s that poor little porcupine going to call home now?

Anyone out there with me?

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