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Letters: World is overpopulated

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

I was the jerk

I want to apologize for being a complete jerk in the West Vail roundabout Wednesday around 11. I was in the gray Jeep Grand Cherokee. (Lucky for me everyone has a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee.) PMS, too much work, and not enough sleep led me to wrongfully honk at a hunk in a black SUV. You looked really hot with your fist up in the air and your mouth wide open. Your screams were like sweet nothings in my ear. I was so taken with your vocabulary that I then proceeded to get in the wrong lane and anger the remaining roundabouters.

Soon, everyone was screaming at me. You sir really know how to get a party started! I haven’t been so thoroughly tongue-lashed since grade school. But, I know I deserved it. So, from me and all the other jerk Jeep drivers, I am so sorry.

Amanda Jensen


Is Landis still a winner?

(Refer to ” Landis coming for Colorado-Eagle River Ride.”)

Perhaps we need drug testing for the editorial staff of the Vail Daily.

Floyd Landis won the 2006 Tour de France? Hmmm, I don’t think so.

Ron Miller


Editor’s note: Like it or not, Floyd Landis remains the 2006 Tour de France winner while the doping case against him remains unsettled.

Overpopulation problems

I have always considered myself a supporter of the green Earth movement. I regularly send money to conservation organizations like the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, NRDC, Greenpeace and many more. I buy green products and conserve and recycle wherever I can. But I live next to Vail, Colorado, a community of extravagant resource use. Many people there have 5,000- to 10,000-square-foot ski chalets and summer golf “cottages” that consume tens of thousands of dollars annually just to heat and maintain, not even counting the construction cost. And these are second and third homes that are only occupied a few weeks a year.

Recently it was shown that Aspen residents have the highest “carbon footprint” (production of waste gases) per capita in the world because of the number of personal jets burning up thousands of gallons of fuel each time an owner flies to San Francisco for dinner, New York to go shopping. And still the conservation lobbyists council us to use resources judiciously. Conserve and moderate consumption. And control development. Conserve for who? So the wealthy can blow it out the tailpipes of their Hummers?

I’m tired of conservation lobbyists requesting donations so we can protect more wildlands, preserve more habitat, and conserve more resources, so we can provide more political planning for development in our hub areas and support more population growth. I would like to boycott green charities and political campaigns until I hear them speak of the politically offensive topic of overpopulation. Never once have I heard any of these conservation groups or political campaigns mention the terms “population control” or “family planning.”

Am I the only one to recognize this crisis? Am I the only one willing to say the unmentionable? This world is overpopulated. There are too many people. We need to start the discussion. We need to stop having so many babies. Now, each day, and each week there is an article about global warming and the effects of mankind’s development of the world. There are committees and petitions to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint, for fear that we may irreversibly change the planet, and Gore’s famous movie only briefly used the term “overpopulation.” Doesn’t anyone else see the connection, that with more people there will be more global pollution, there wil be fewer resources? We can try to cut our carbon output by 50 percent by the year 2030 if we all cut our energy use in half. But I don’t think those rich folks will stop flying their private jets. Anyway, all that conservation will be for naught when the world’s population hits about 12 billion, and all the Chinese want to drive their own cars. We can talk about curbing development, and trying to preserve open space, but as long as there are more families, they will need more subdivisions and shopping centers.

Conservation is a nice term and the politically correct thing to say today, but it will only be a small Band-Aid on the tidal wave of overpopulation that will consume this planet.

I would like to challenge any political leader to be bold enough to take a stand on population planning. He will garner my next vote. Certainly, it will not be the current Republican party with their Christian-backed agenda. They have always felt these issues are “in the hands of God.”

Well, luckily I won’t be around long enough to see how God will handles this. But the next generation will have their hands full.

Lori Russell


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