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Save me a spaceNo one likes a tax increase, but the proposed open space tax (1H) is one we should all support. Polls throughout Colorado consistently indicate that open space preservation is one of the public’s primary concerns. In our valley, we have all witnessed the dust, noise and visual impacts of the Village at Avon construction this summer. Is that what we want to see for all the lands along I-70? I sure hope not. The counties that surround us (Pitkin, Summit and Routt ) already have open space taxes, and if they can afford it, I see no reason why Eagle County can’t too.To put this tax in perspective, if you own a $300,000 home, it will cost you $42 a year, or merely $3.50 per month. According to the assessor’s office, the median price of a home in Eagle County is $450,000, resulting in an increase of only $5.25 per month. For most of us, this small tax increase equates to about the cost of a beer on the mountain or coffee and a muffin at Starbucks each month. Oftentimes we are asked to &quotdig deep&quot for a cause or issue. In this case, we are able to permanently preserve our farms, ranches, landscapes, wetlands and fisherman access for pennies a day. I urge you to vote yes on 1H. Help Eagle County avoid further &quoturban sprawl&quot and maintain the scenic beauty and wildlife habitats that attracted many of us to the valley in the first place.Jennifer ScrogginsEagle

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