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Letting down the little people

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Walking home uphill along an icy sidewalk carrying several bags of groceries? Having to trudge across a pair of roundabouts buzzing with SUVs and a freeway interchange just to pick up some diapers for the kid?

Well, that’s your only option if the bus doesn’t stop at your apartment or at Wal-Mart. And that’s the latest result of the ongoing, ego-butting spat between the Avon Town Council and Traer Creek, the developer of Wal-Mart, The Home Depot and affordable apartments at Buffalo Ridge above Interstate 70.

So far, this fight has remained mostly political and while it may have played a role in the last town council election it hasn’t effected the average working stiff ” until this callous decision to cut off bus service to the people who need it the most and at Wal-Mart, the most popular stop in town.

Last we heard, none of the council members have to ride the bus, and whatever the developer’s role is here, we think the blame falls squarely on Avon’s decision makers, particularly the town council. They ” and not Traer Creek boss Magnus Lindholm ” are the ones who were elected to serve the people.

The people are better served with a warm ride home than whatever “stand” the council perceives it has taken against Lindholm.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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