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Letting the good shine through…

Clair Smith
Vail CO, Colorado

Society has come a long way over time, especially for women. We’ve graduated from modestly-clad demure examples of femininity to sometimes outrageous depictions of the modern do-all woman.

And why not? After all, we are just as good as any man. We can climb all the mountains they climb, and look better doing it. That’s the theory, right? We use will-power to climb our way to where we want to be and if that fails, there’s always good old-fashioned sex appeal to fall back on. With enough perseverance, we may find ourselves in a position of power, idolized as any proud ice queen would be. The perfect example of what a woman can be in the working world.

Or maybe not. Maybe we cut our long locks short, ‘punk’ ourselves out and hate all men except the one that will treat us as an equal and without regard for our femininity (just for the record, that’s usually not the shining example of manly chivalry). After all, breaking all the rules has always been a fantastic way to break a common mold, hasn’t it?

This is all good and well. I’m a fan of women rising in the working world, and being independent (especially being independent!). I have nothing against any female who wants to denounce the whole male race as a group of manner-stunted cretins with no regard for anything but a warm body.

Frankly though, it’s gotten out of hand. I’m tired of the blatant rudeness that ‘successful’ women tend to emit. Yes, you’ve worked hard to get where you are and we applaud you, but using that status to look down on everyone else … not the greatest way of going about things. Climb down off the high-white-pony and realize that some of us are still working on it. It’ll be okay, really.

Onward to dress codes. For those of you who find dressing however you please as an outlet for your pent up independency frustrations ” don’t. The days of having to wear knee-length dresses is gone, but please dress in a way that suits your body. If you haven’t got it, don’t flaunt it. Wearing a too-tight, too-short tank top over low-cut pants that are a size too small is not using your sex-appeal to your advantage. Don’t make all of us look bad because of your poor fashion sense. Keep in mind that the more refined you look, the more respect you get … and respect is fairly key in the pursuit of equality, isn’t it?

With that said, I’m all for personal growth, but ladies, remember that being female means that we have the perks of grace and beauty. Might as well use it to your full advantage, instead of turning away from it because they’re “female attributes.”

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