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Liberal media? Yeah right.

Angela Trujillo

I am writing in response to the many long-winded conservative letters from Marty Lich regarding her disdain for illegal immigrants.I was particularly amused by her recent letter, in which she buys into the lies of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and others by claiming that the U.S. media is liberally biased.I don’t know know where she has been watching the evening news, what major newspapers she has been reading, or what radio stations she has been listening to, but it seems blatently obvious to me that a liberally biased media is a myth because rightwing commentators dominate all three major media outlets in this country: TV, radio and syndicated columns. I know that if I sat around listening to liberal radio, I’d be listening to dead air.Lich implies that the right wing isn’t being treated fairly by the media, but at least she’s getting her opinion heard. I have written numerous letters of response to Ms. Lich’s racist, rightwing ideologies for months, but none has ever been printed by the Vail Daily. In fact, there is even a good chance this letter will be ignored as well.Yet Ms. Lich’s letters have been printed on a nearly weekly basis in this newspaper and the Boulder Colorado Daily. If that’s not censorship, I don’t know what is. How can there be a balance of political ideologies if the only voice we can hear in the letters to the editor columns is yours?Congress cut funding for nearly all agencies except the military in the 1990s but the INS budget has more than tripled from $1.4 billion in fiscal year 1992 to $4.8 in 2001, according to the American Immigration Lawyers Association.Currently, people are being held indefinitely based on “secret” evidence, having their phones tapped, and made to feel “foreign” or “illegal” because they are not Caucasian. All of this is no thanks to the clumsily prepared U.S. Patriot Act.And Lich claims the government isn’t doing enough? If the government tries to do any more, we will have no rights left to exercise. Let’s just hope this situation doesn’t turn into a Japanese internment – the sequel.Pete fires backPeter BuckleyDon (Rogers), you’re invited! Pot shots at politicos? Really, Don, why not try coming to one of our meetings? You’d be surprised what you can learn, and maybe you’ll have the courage to ask a good question.As I recall, neither you nor any of your reporting staff attended the recent P&Z meeting in Avon, yet you write like you know all about it.I know a fellow who insists it’s possible for a person to know “less than nothing.” So I asked him how that was possible. He simply replied “because what he knows is wrong.”Example: You accuse me of being a “budding headache.” This is totally untrue. I know plenty of people who insist I cause discomfort in a totally different part of their anatomy.Why do you keep putting your personal feelings ahead of anything that might pass for good journalism? Instead of taking potshots at politicians, Don, why not do a little writing on issues that directly affect our community and the people who live and work here. Perhaps even visit council members and commissioners at our meetings and ask a few pointed questions.How about: A report on the recently public “Garnsey Plan.” You know, the one involving the proposed Tarnes and Sawbuck quad lifts. Oh, sorry, you weren’t at that public meeting, either. I keep the map of the proposed lift system in my car. Perhaps I could lend it to you.Or the court case that started in Eagle County that has recently been accepted by our Colorado Supreme Court for their docket. I know plenty of folks who will be directly affected by that decision.Yet not a word from Don about the fact it got there. Oh, I forgot, I guess it might interfere with your important work on the sexual activities of basketball players. And speaking about sex, how about another Vail Daily political campaign ad depicting married politicians in bed with each other! You know, good old 1st Amendment stuff, so long as an elected official isn’t exercising his 1st Amendment rights because Don Rogers considers that to be an “embarrassment to Avon government.”Or, hey, Traer Creek, where’s the master plan for the rest of the Village at Avon? With only 1,700 acres of the original 1,800 left to develop, the Vail Daily would like to see a map of what the rest of the village might look like some day.Or Don’s financial review of articulating the difference between a 10-K and Kellogg’s Special K. Did you read VR’s recent filing? Seems I read that while VR continues to do business with Intrawest “where it makes sense,” VR has also initiated litigation against Intrawest on real estate matter at Winter Park. Gee, Don, doing business with people you’re litigating against? I know how that works. Maybe someday you might, too.Or Don’s update about the ongoing SEC investigation at Vail Resorts. Perhaps you could explain the difference between a South Eastern Conference college recruiting violation and a Security and Exchange Commission investigation for people who don’t know about Don’s appetite for basketball.But then again I may expect too much. It’s much safer to hang out near the Vail Daily water cooler, correspond via e-mail all day, and take pot shots at politicos who try to get something done around here. Don wrote earlier “Where have all the statesmen gone?”Holiday cautionsJoel DekanichAs the holiday season gets into full swing, we must use some common safety sense during the holidays to keep our holiday season a happy and safe time for our families. Please review these simple safety tips.1.) Be careful with candles. Keep candles away from combustible materials such as decorations, packages and Christmas trees.2.) Keep your Christmas tree watered. Make sure it has plenty of water and buy a tree that is as fresh as possible. To allow for better water absorption cut at least an inch off the bottom of the tree to expose fresh wood.3.) Check all tree lights before hanging them on your tree. Make sure all the bulbs work and that there are no frayed wires, broken sockets or loose connections. When in doubt throw it out!4.) Always turn off indoor, outdoor and tree Christmas lights before you go to bed or before leaving your home. Make sure that you have fire alarms that are in good working order. This is a great time to check the batteries and test all the units.5.) Have your wood-burning fireplace and chimney inspected. Have your chimney connections and flues inspected by a professional and cleaned if necessary prior to the start of every heating season.6.) Be careful with holiday plants. Keep holiday plants away from young children and pets. Remember that common holiday plants like mistletoe, holly berries, and Christmas cactus are poisonous if swallowed! Poinsettias can cause stomach irritation in humans, and they can make pets very sick.7.) Be careful on the roads. There are more people and traveling this time of year, icy conditions can be present. Allow extra time for traveling and make sure you buckle up!

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