Lies and lots more lies |

Lies and lots more lies

Don Rogers

The campaign so far: We have alleged lies, true lies and lies about lies, then lies with the appropriate “alleged” placed wherever you like. Welcome to the latest presidential race. This one seems to be all about lies, between Michael Moore’s propaganda piece and the Swift Boat Veterans for, um, Truth.The lies about Bush lying over Iraq. The lies about intelligence, the lies about the importance of Iraq, the lies about the liars who told the first lies, and on and on.Oh yes, and these past couple of weeks, the swift boat liars. The liars about the swift boat liars. The mock shock and awe at the damn lies flung every which way, which itself is a kind of lie. You get the drift.This whole thing is all a pack of lies. So vote against the biggest liars, right? Well, which ones are those? Your ideology won’t help you there, though your incipient partisanship might play the biggest role. And there lies the best argument against either party. These are the folks coming up with these whoppers. So a warning for you: If your belief about who is lying tracks on one partisan path, you pretty much are lying to yourself.Small truthsAs far as the swift boat silliness goes, here are some truths:John Kerry served in Vietnam. President Bush served stateside. Both of those sentences end with periods, OK? Their service ended over 30 years ago. That last sentence is the most salient of this rare section of only truths.Also, Bush has repeatedly declared that he believes Kerry served admirably, and he said this week that ALL this side crap – going both ways – ought to stop.Kerry has called his cheap shot cheering section “great Americans.” Sigh. He can do better than that. Vail, Colorado

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