Light on school board candidates |

Light on school board candidates

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Four of five Eagle County School Board members at the end of their terms are seeking re-election in November, and one other resident has signaled an interest in running for the seven-member board at the time this editorial was written.

The final paperwork to run is due at the district offices Friday.

The school district canceled its last board election in 2005 for lack of candidates. Will that be the fate again this year?

This is interesting for the supposedly high dissatisfaction among rank-and-file teachers and parents with the Teacher Advancement Program, heading into its fifth year at some schools.

If that really were true, you’d think we’d see much more interest among the community in running for the school board. Nothing motivates like dissatisfaction, after all.

Just be aware that TAP is just one of an array of challenges for the district. There are schools to build, test scores to raise, almost an entire administrative team has turned over, white flight, a growing minority enrollment that does not speak English first, a place too expensive for even executives to find homes. Lots and lots of work, in other words.

The very highest local elective service is on the school board, hands down.

The homework is heavy, the most demanding constituency (we’re talking about our children after all), a wide range of issues and detail, and though a cliche, our future to set on the best footing possible.

This isn’t a job for one-issue wonders or ideologues. Our community needs a full board of thinkers and doers who can share ideas and work together. Oh, and who will work ” really work ” long hours for no pay.

Does that describe you? If so, give it some thought. Quickly, though. The deadline for checking out petitions and turning in signatures is coming fast.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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