Linda Boyne: A burning election question: Palin or the witch’s hat? |

Linda Boyne: A burning election question: Palin or the witch’s hat?

Linda Boyne
Vail, CO, Colorado

Recently the publishing powers-that-be decided to move my column from the Vail Trail to the Vail Daily. I started thinking about my usual choice of topics and began to wonder how my column would fit in among the serious discussions in this publication’s Commentary section.

I began feeling the pressure. The pressure to comment on the political discourse swirling around us in this important election year. The pressure to weigh in on the issues facing the citizens of the Vail Valley. The pressure to be opinionated. I realized that it’s now my responsibility to add my own commentary to this page.

So, in light of this, I will endeavor down a road heretofore unexplored in my column. I stand ready to enter the debate, banter with the politicos, state my position, expose my political leanings, open myself up to the flood of strongly worded letters to the editor that comes with this position.

To begin, I pose these questions: Will the economy bounce back faster with Sen. John McCain in the White House? How has Bob Schaffer’s experience as a state senator and congressman prepared him to be our U.S. senator? Will carrying my Ali Hasan shopping bag to City Market really help him get elected to the Colorado House of Representatives? Should I dress up as Sarah Palin for Halloween?

Let’s tackle the last question, as it really is at the core of what’s on the minds of the people in Eagle County. It’s no small question. The choice of Halloween costume is critically important, particularly with the impending presidential election. It expresses who you are as a person. It allows you to explore your beliefs, what’s important to you. It represents you in ways unspoken.

But know this: You will be judged. People have opinions and they won’t hold them back.

Some people are just better at Halloween costumes than others. Does this mean those of us who are costume-challenged are second-class citizens? That our opinions and thoughts are less important than those who come up with a clever idea and carry it off flawlessly? I say a resounding NO!

Go ahead and pull out that witch’s hat and wear all black; not only is it slimming, you already own the outfit so no costume will end up in a landfill. Feel free to smear espresso grounds on your face, tie a microfiber rag to an aluminum trekking pole and go as a hobo; it’s a strong statement about the possible future of the economy.

There’s a reason these costume ideas have been around for years: they’re classics. Sometimes a classic is the best thing for you and the country.

I don’t believe I should be maligned for my choice of Halloween costumes. This is my decision. I am entitled to it and, if I’m not mistaken, our Constitution guarantees my right to express it freely. Engaging in personal attacks on my creativity or originality is just so unnecessary. Live and let live, baby.

My opportunity to express my choice is this Friday night at a big fundraising event for my boys’ school. (Shameless plug alert: Tickets are still available for the Halloween party of the year! Go to The caliber of costumes at this event blows me away year after year. Some people are unrecognizable so immersed are they in their adopted persona; they are fully committed to their choices.

So to my original query, I’m thinking I can carry off Sarah Palin. I know I can get my hair into that late ’80s-early ’90s updo.

I think I still have a power suit left from my days as an actual professional woman in Denver. And I already have the Tina Fey glasses. Work on the accent and I’ll be ready to go. The question remains, though, what are you dressing up as for this all-important occasion? You must give this some serious thought.

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