Lindholm can’t win |

Lindholm can’t win

Don Rogers

To listen to the anti-Everything Lindholm crowd, mean old Magnus cannot be even allowed to speak about his grand plan for a discount gas station on the interchange overlooking those big boxes. You know where that is. Next to the giant flagpole and Old Glory.Yes, we know Magnus must essentially get a bit of rezoning approved by the Avon Town Council before building the gas station. The school site at that part of the sprawling Village at Avon must be moved, and to move it, he must run through the gantlet of the town Planning and Zoning Commission and then the Town Council with its attendant public hearings.So he is being clever by explaining what he wants to do at the site. You have a problem with the guy saying ahead of time what he wants to do. Geez, not so many weeks ago we had an uproar in part because the Swedish magnate kept his flagpole plans all too quiet.So which is it? He discusses his plans or he doesn’t? Here, we’ll take the former. Also, what’s this seeming article of faith that places which sell things cannot be allowed on the north side of the freeway? Doesn’t seem to present any big problems a few miles east, in Vail, or down the road in Eagle. Oh, and aren’t those gas stations and a pizza parlor on the – god forbid – north side of the very next interchange to the west?Is there something especially valuable about the sage-scrub hillside on the north side of I-70 at that location compared to the other? Seems the scenic side of the freeway lies to the south, with the aspens, firs and gorgeous ski resort.Lindholm isn’t the most cuddly fellow in the Vail Valley, we know. But doesn’t logic have a place here? Vail, Colorado

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