Lindsey Irene Wilkison |

Lindsey Irene Wilkison

How many years in the valley: Born at the Vail Valley Medical Center. Before that my memories get a little sketchy.

Names of parent(s): Two: Rhonda and David, still in the process of living happily ever after.

Sibling(s): Brother, Chad, 14, who cannot have my room.

My parent(s) named me this because: It was my dad’s favorite name. My middle name came from my great grandmother, who pulled a prairie schooner all by herself across the plains, through the snow, uphill. She lived to be 102, to it was good for her.

If I would have been a boy, I’d be: Sean, as in Sean Connery, and I’d be driving all the cool cars.

I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: They never say anything any more that makes me mad. It’s amazing how much they’ve grown up in the past couple years.

I admire: My mother, because she’s my mentor, she’s a great woman and an awesome friend.

My best memory of high school is: My four years of volleyball. It’s been a blast.

Most people don’t know that I: Really am Sean Connery, and Q leaves all the great spy stuff under my Christmas tree, and the cool cars in my garage.

Next year I’m going to miss: The opportunity to knock some sense into my younger, but bigger, brother. He could use the guidance.

I’m looking forward to: Meeting all the new people at CU Colorado Springs, especially (Dad’s gonna love this one!) all the nice guys from the Air Force who dress so neat and stand up so straight!

I can’t believe: It’s almost over. It seems like just yesterday I was in kindergarten. It just flies by.

Root beer or Orange soda:

Both. Life’s full of tough choices. Indulge yourself, just this once.

Advice: Live life to the fullest and be yourself.

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