Lindsey Vonn Foundation announces 2018 scholarship recipients; awards more than $40,000 |

Lindsey Vonn Foundation announces 2018 scholarship recipients; awards more than $40,000

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Through the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, scholarships are awarded twice each year, in the spring and fall. Vonn notified the 2018 scholarship winners via a video message.
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Apply for a scholarship

Lindsey Vonn Foundation scholarships are awarded twice each year, in spring and fall, and winners must participate in an enrichment activity within six months of receipt of the scholarship. In order to apply for a scholarship, applicants must follow the application guidelines once they select a tier dollar amount. Applicants can re-apply once a year, but only receive the scholarship three times total from the age of 11 to 18.

For more information and to fill out the online application on the foundation’s website, visit

VAIL — It may seem like Lindsey Vonn is living a dream, but along with the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, she’s helping young women and girls pursue their dreams.

In May, the Lindsey Vonn Foundation announced its 2018 spring scholarship winners, personally picked by Vonn and including 18 recipients totaling $44,411 — all to help pursue educational, leadership and athletic endeavors.

Applicants aged 11-18 were encouraged to showcase their ability to overcome obstacles, discover grit and pursue a passion that will help them achieve their goals. The funds can be applied to enrichment activities of any kind, including camps, prep-classes and clubs that help children engage in their passion. Applicants applied for scholarship amounts ranging from $100 to $5,000.

‘Help me reach my goals’

This season’s Lindsey Vonn Foundation scholarship recipients have been awarded funds to pursue dance; mountain biking; a study abroad trip; alpine skiing; rodeo; test preparation; Nordic skiing; a leadership conference; soccer; Legend car racing; volleyball; ice skating; and a STEM camp.

The 18 recipients are all young women (though young men are also encouraged to apply) from across the state of Colorado as well as Minnesota and California.

Some excerpts from the winning applications included:

“For as long as I can remember, I never had the nicest gear or the money to go off and race somewhere or pay for expensive camps, but I think that it has taught me to persevere in times where I don’t have the upper hand yet still try my hardest and reach my goals that may seem impossible.”

“I believe that this program will change my perception on education, learning and what it means to be ‘smart.’ This all will ultimately help me reach my life goal of not only becoming a biomedical engineer, but my goal of pursuing a higher education and forever committing my life to collecting knowledge.”

“Volleyball has taught me to lose gracefully and win humbly.”

“Not only would this scholarship help me reach my goals as a skier, it would provide me an incentive to work harder, ski faster and go after my dreams.”

‘Support the dreams of the next generation’

Scholarship recipients were notified Friday, May 4, via a video message from Vonn, who shared her excitement for their pursuits and encouraged each winner to keep working hard and reaching for her goals.

“We were thrilled with the quality and variety of applications we received this round,” said Vonn’s sister Laura Kildow, executive director for the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. “While alpine skiing is Lindsey’s greatest passion, she wants to support the dreams of the next generation, whether they take place on the mountain, in the classroom or elsewhere in the world. We look forward to following each young winner on her journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.”

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