Lindsey Vonn cancels virtual discussion about new book |

Lindsey Vonn cancels virtual discussion about new book

Lindsey Vonn/Courtesy photo

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated; the event is now canceled.

The scheduled Lindsey Vonn virtual book event, hosted by The Bookworm of Edwards, has been canceled, according to Ali Teague of The Bookworm.

“Unfortunately Lindsey had a personal emergency and had to cancel her upcoming January tour events, including ours. But we hope to reschedule around the end of February,“ Teague wrote in an email Thursday evening.

The virtual discussion was to include an audience Q&A about her life, career and new memoir, “RISE.”

In “RISE,” Vonn shares her incredible journey for the first time, going behind the scenes of an incredible life built around resilience and risk-taking. One of the most aggressive skiers ever, Vonn offers a fascinating glimpse into the relentless pursuit of her limits, a pursuit so focused on one-upping herself that she pushed her body past its breaking point as she achieved greatness. While this iconic grit and perseverance helped her battle a catalog of injuries, these injuries came with a cost — physical, of course, but also mental. Vonn opens up in “RISE” about her decade-long depression and struggles with self-confidence, discussing candidly how her mental health challenges influenced her career without defining her.

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Lindsey Vonn shares her journey for the first time in “RISE,” going behind the scenes of an incredible life built around resilience and risk-taking.
Courtesy photo

Through it all, she dissects the moments that sidelined her and how, each time, she clawed her way back using an iconoclastic approach rooted in hard work—pushing boundaries, challenging expectations, and speaking her mind, even when it got her into trouble. At once empowering and raw, “RISE” is an inspirational look at her hard-fought success as well as an honest appraisal of the sacrifices she made along the way—an emotional journey of winning that reveals how every victory comes with a price.

“My career has been about reaching the pinnacle of success on the slopes and persevering through some of the most devastating crashes until my body could do it no more,” Vonn said. “Through it all I was inspired, encouraged, and supported by my fans. This next chapter is all about the chapters in my memoir. I am digging deep and revealing stories I hope will resonate with my fans, about how I kept going up and down the mountains for what has been a most amazing and exhilarating run.”


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