Litter at Cottonwood Pass, Eagle County |

Litter at Cottonwood Pass, Eagle County

Theresa Thissen
Eagle County, CO, Colorado

Hey, you disrespectful party goers trashing Mother Earth at Cottonwood Pass: You are not alone in your quest to get away from the crowding structures to be free and celebrate life and indulge.

But do you realize when you leave that when you leave this litter on Mother Earth, you disrespect her and others, and yourself. Stop taking and give. Show some respect. It’s very simple to pick up your cans and bottles, and put them back into the box they came in and drive them back to wherever it is you live and dispose of them properly.

Others who enjoy nature do not like to see this scattered about when they come to enjoy the space and freedom and all Mother Nature offers us. We cannot take this for granted. You must take responsibility for yourself, something you may not have learned yet, or were taught and forgot.

The Earth is too crowded to handle this abuse and disrespect. It’s time to stop doing these careless, disrespectful displays.

At every view point that has a nice resting place is the sickening litter of bottles and cans from you party goers.

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Even worse are the camping spots all over Gypsum that have human feces everywhere. This is really disgusting and unsanitary. No one can enjoy these spots because of those who do not think of the next time.

Pack it up or take a shovel and dig it far enough away from the creek. It’s time to do this.

Theresa Thissen


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