Little effect on residents? |

Little effect on residents?

Don Rogers

Taxing building materials in Minturn might be a great idea. But the councilman who should have resigned long ago either is ignorant, or trusts his townsfolk to be so, when he makes statements like this: “Residents need to realize the taxes won’t really affect them.”Really? No one will remodel, expand or repair their home? Why, sure. Minturn this election is asking residents to approve a 4 percent tax on building materials and a 1.5 percent tax on lodging. The lodging tax should raise about $30,000 annually for the town, and the building materials tax should raise $300,000 – from someone, wonder whom, before the Ginn Co. gets rolling.Minturn town government could use the funding, and these taxes make enough sense they should have gone to the voters years ago. But to declare that a building materials tax “won’t really affect” residents is absurd, frankly.Councilman Tom Sullivan is the fellow who sold his Minturn Inn for $6.5 million this year to the developer who would build more housing units on 5,400 acres than Minturn has people. He owes it to the people of Minturn to leave the council whose overwhelming workload in the foreseeable future will be dealing with the developer to whom Sullivan has sold out.If Sullivan truly believes his own remarks, he’s too dumb to be a councilman. If he believes his constituents are dumb enough to believe him, he’s too cynical. Either way, he’s showing that he’s unworthy of the office. Vail, Colorado

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