Little Hercules, Fascination |

Little Hercules, Fascination

Bob Aubrey

If you don’t know of Little Hercules, well, where’ve you been? These guys are super tight musicians out of Minturn, playing some super tight rock/funk. Some would argue that these guys are a jam band and I wholeheartedly disagree. Jam band fans will dig Little Hercules’ new album, but these guys are way more on the funk side. That, and their songs have a beginning, middle and end. They don’t go on forever.

Little Hercules consists of Scott Kabel, Christian Basso, Jeff Armistead and Brian Loftus. You can tell these guys have been playing for quite some time (10 years).

Loftus (the drummer) has been with them for only about two years, but it sounds like he’s been with them from the beginning.

There’s a little bit of everything here, sick bass lines, tight drumming, four-part harmonies, old school funky keys and nice lead guitar work. Some of front man Scott Kabel’s vocal work even approaches the realm of Mike Patton occasionally, which is a very, very good thing.

Throw in the new Little Hercules disc, host a house party with everyone in the neighborhood, and watch how a lot of different people, with different musical tastes, will all have a good time together.

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I’m also starting to think the track “Bama Pudding” has something to do with Moe’s BBQ, but I could be reaching. Toast this sucker. Little Hercules threw it down on this one. VT

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