Little Hercules: throwing down the funk |

Little Hercules: throwing down the funk

Wren Wertin

Little Hercules is flying high on the release of their new album, but don’t ask about a favorite track.

“We don’t separate the album like that,” said Cristian Basso, bassist for the band. “They’re like your children. That’s just how it is.”

The group celebrates their 13-track funk adventure with a CD release party at 8150 today directly following the B.B. King concert. Doors open at 9 p.m., and the music will begin soon after.

Though this is the group’s fourth album, it’s the first to receive national attention pre-release. There’s good buzz about the band; they seem on the cusp of going from “local band does good” to “local band hits the big time, big city, big news.” It’s self titled.

“We’re really proud of the album,” said Basso. “It’s been a long time to get the final product. And we’re especially honored that all the guest musicians were all available for us, that they made themselves available for us.”

In addition to quartet that is Little Hercules, several musicians were also involved in collaborations, including Leo Nocentelli, June Yamagishi, Ron Haynes, Johnny Showtime Janowiak, Mars Williams, DJ AJAX and Scott Gusty Christensen.

“That goes hand in hand with our musical journey of meeting new musicians and having them be a part of our creative process,” said Basso. “It’s been a great experience writing this album. We feel that we’ve come a long way, and as long as we stay true to ourselves, that’s how it will continue.”

They had a release party in Denver last week at Quixote’s. For the event, they were teamed up with trumpet master Carlos Washington and midi-horn maestro Cecil P-Nut Daniels. Though they move in a lot of the same musical circles, it was the first time the musicians had played together. The party was packed, and best of all – merchandise moved, and kept moving.

“It blew up,” said Basso, not one to waste time on understatement. “We got nothing back but love from people. It was great. … We started two new relationships. Sometimes it works that way.”

Despite the fact they’d never played together before, things went fine.

“That’s what the music’s about, as far as the improvisational aspect is concerned,” said Scott Kabel, guitarist and lead vocalist. “That’s just what we do.”

After the party at 8150, the crew will be heading off for more release party events in Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Louisiana and more. New Orleans is always a good town for them. CD release parties are a little different than a regular show, though they keep the same energy.

“It’s both a reflection, a pause, to realize what we’ve done and been and accomplished, as well as a celebration of what we’ve done to make it happen,” said Basso. “And it’s really all of you guys, the support that comes from the fans. … The party is for the fans, a thanks for coming to the shows.”

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