Live! music stops in Minturn |

Live! music stops in Minturn

Steve Lynn
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Shane Macomber / Vail Daily Local musician Harvey Craig, a member All Strung Out, said he wonders why the Live! in Minturn concert series has been cancelled after 17 consecutive years.

MINTURN ” Liz Campbell recalls when she and her friends raided her home for canned food for admission to LIve! in Minturn 13 years ago ” now she will be sad to see the festival go.

“Somebody should put something else together,” said Campbell, Minturn resident for 13 years.

The concert series held in Minturn bars for 17 years has been canceled. A lack of attendees turned the concert series into a poor fundraiser, said Andy Kaufman, director for the Minturn Community Fund, which organized Live! in Minturn.

Residents and musicians say they will miss the series that brought residents together for a few weekends each fall.

Anne Ralston enjoyed seeing live music in Minturn and Red Cliff, she said.

Still, she acknowledged that she attended fewer shows last year, said Ralston, a Minturn resident for 10 years.

“It was kind of a let down as far as the crowd numbers and I’m not sure why,” Ralston said.

Harvey Craig and his band All Strung Out played Live! in Minturn at the amphitheater at Little Beach Park a couple times, he said.

All Strung Out plays about 80 shows each year, so the band won’t lose much money from missing one or two shows. “For us, it’s more about making people happy and it’s another opportunity we miss out on,” Craig said.

Craig will miss Live! in Minturn’s array of musical genres, which included everything from jam bands and Irish folk to bluegrass and jazz. His band had looked forward to playing the event, he said.

Craig acknowledged that Minturn Live! brought out mostly residents from Minturn and fewer tourists.

Competition also contributed to the festival’s failure, Kaufman said.

The organization found that the Vail Valley held 63 free concerts in 2006, he said. In recent years, organizers charged only a few dollars for admission to Live! in Minturn.

The Minturn Community Fund started Minturn Live! to bring jazz to Minturn and to raise money. The organization helped fund Radio Free Minturn, 107.9 KLNX-LP, and the construction of the Little Beach Park Amphitheater.

Now the Community Fund is trying to organize new programming, Kaufman said.

The organization will continue to hold its annual Halloween costume party fundraiser at Kaufman’s Minturn Saloon.

The Poker Run also has been a successful fundraiser: The event raised several thousands of dollars for Minturn business owner Jim Popeck’s medical bills last year. In the poker run, motorcyclists and cyclists rode to several restaurants and bars to pick up cards to make the best hand.

For now, fans like Ralston will have to find other musical diversions ” like playing their own instruments. Ralston recently bought drums.

“I’ll focus on my own musical talent,” she said.

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