Living in the wetlands |

Living in the wetlands

Nikki Katz

EDWARDS ” Sarah Will’s home in Brett Ranch overlooks both the wildlife marsh wedged between U.S. Highway 6 and Interstate 70 as well as development projects in the area.

“I see them building homes across the way,” Will said. “I hope that we’re being careful on either side of that river. I hope that we can preserve that stretch.”

Will said she’s noticed the people in the neighboring Lake Creek Village apartments littering in the wetlands area.

“If they can’t fit their garbage in the gigantic dumpsters out there, they just pile it up outside, and all the trash is being blown into the wetlands area,” Will said. “And people in the Lake Creek community put their trash on the roofs of their cars. Just because it falls off the car doesn’t mean it’s not your trash. You have to take some responsibility.”

But some Edwards residents feel they are doing their part.

“I’m a firm believer in ‘take it in, pack it out,'” said David Lach, who’s lived in Homestead for 23 years. “But there are certain cultures that don’t have that beaten into them . . . I’m sure the Indians weren’t happy to see the white man come in, but the white man has learned it’s a very sensitive system. We’ve learned to take care of the land. I hope new arrivals become more respectful.”

Edwards residents are challenged further as the wildlife adapts to its surroundings, Will said.

Brett Ranch residents often complain about bird nests in their roof overhangs, usually over their garages where bird droppings land on their cars, she said. The Brett Ranch management has put up barriers to some of the overhangs ” but not all of them.

“Maybe they don’t want to put them on all the buildings,” Will said. “Then you’re taking away their new habitat that’s so close to the river. We have to realize we’re living in their neighborhood. They’re not living in ours. That’s the reason why we live up here. If we didn’t want to see wildlife, we’d live in the city.”

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