Living on Purpose: Be grateful year round |

Living on Purpose: Be grateful year round

Sheri Fisher
Eagle County CO, Colorado
Special to DailySheri Fisher

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” The holiday season is a great time to take stock of where you are in life. Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful for what we have; Christmas is a time of giving; New Years is a time of renewal.

Whether you love or hate the holiday season, think about and be grateful for what you have. That is, look at the cup as half-full instead of half-empty. And, even if it appears half empty, that becomes the incentive to move forward (hence New Year’s resolutions).

One of my clients, Jamie, shared a reflection about being grateful. She has three children under three years old. They had been out shopping all day. The parking lot was packed as they made their way to the car and began to load everyone. A vehicle pulled up, eagerly waiting for their parking space.

As she buckled each child in, the waiting woman said, “How long does it take to buckle a few kids in anyway?” and even added a couple of expletives. Out of Jamie’s character, she yelled back. Apparently the holiday season had officially begun.

The story, however, helped me to think about change in the context of life coaching. Sometimes we are eager to move out of a space because we have outgrown it. Like Jamie getting her family into her car, she was done with the space and eager to leave, but had to officially move on. The other person wanted so badly to move into the space, but needed to wait.

It’s the same in everyday life. When you don’t like your job, want to move out of a relationship, or make a significant life change, often you are as eager to leave the space as someone else is to occupy it.

In this mindset, it’s easy to forget to be in your space completely and be grateful for where you are. The lesson is to be in the moment and be thankful. When you do realize you are ready to move, look back and know that someone else is happy to fill your space ” whether it is to take your old job, get to know your ex, or park in the space you just left. They are grateful for their new space, just as much as you are grateful for moving on.

As we approach Christmas and New Years, start from a place of gratitude. From there, you can fully appreciate where you are right now. Christmas then symbolically becomes the giving of your old space to someone else who is ready to appreciate it. The newness of the New Year then provides the opportunity to see where you’d like to go. What space are you now ready to occupy?

Coach’s Challenge: Look at the eight key areas in your life (Career, Money, Health, Friends and Family, Significant Other/Romance, Personal Growth, Fun and Recreation, and Physical Environment). For each one, list one thing for which you are grateful ” no matter how small.

Sheri Fisher is a Life Coach who lives in Grand Junction. Her practice, Living On Purpose, focuses on personal and professional coaching. The situations and characters in her column are fictional to maintain client confidentiality. Sheri can be reached at or for more information, visit

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