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Living the easy life

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

To their credit, elected board members often clamor for more coverage of their meetings.

They may not understand that few share their zeal for the ins and outs of running a town, or school board, or county, never mind the myriad of special districts out there.

They may not understand that any journalistic organization must cherry-pick coverage rather than carpet-bomb the issues. Saturation would not attract more interest, anyway. The paper would only lose readers by imbalancing government with the overwhelming rest of life in these mountains.

And they often mistake their hard work for the only game in town, neglecting the sad fact that more people will come watch rec-league basketball than take an interest in the intellectual sausage-making behind local government decision. Vital as the latter may be.

When it comes to coverage, writing about it will not ensure that they will come, as if Town Hall were some Field of Dreams. Quite the opposite, actually.

Eagle County’s communities may face plenty of challenges ” a couple might even strike us as dire. But on balance, this remains a place remarkably free of misery, corruption or true social hardship.

Inconvenience? Sure. Traffic has gotten worse, the mortgage just gets steeper, the kids could score better, jobs pay more, service and manners improve.

If you think the problems of growth are difficult, though, try the crises brought on when communities go the other way, with shrinking economies, growing crime and a true welfare class rather than a few small pockets of poverty.

We’ve got it pretty good, all told. Citizens can pretty freely ignore the heroes who keep it that way as they go about their increasingly suburban lives, busy with jobs and kids, or living for their days on the mountain and nights at this night spot or that.

True citizen participation isn’t so bad either, relative to “normal” America. The apathy and ignorance of local issues that shape our lives the most is not isolated here. Heck, we’re better off than most.

Not that it’s any excuse.

” Don Rogers for the editorial board

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