Liz Taylor inspires Vail cowgirl |

Liz Taylor inspires Vail cowgirl

Jenn Bruno
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –Last month, I visited a friend’s ranch in Texas and finally had to face one of my fashion fears – Western wear.

Sheryl Crow can transform from a rock star to a country goddess with just a cowboy hat. Is that all we really need?

A hat, boots and a big belt buckle are essentials for a Western wardrobe. Combined with a pair of jeans, your inner cowgirl appears.

Separately, they are modern wardrobe essentials. What woman in our valley can’t claim to own at least one of the three?

Each fashion season, a piece of Western wear is thrust into the spotlight. Last season, the classic riding boot reappeared. This summer, don’t forget your big belt over a dress, skirt or top. And of course, Ralph Lauren has made a career bringing the ranch to the runways.

As my Texas fashion inspiration, I choose Elizabeth Taylor in the film “Giant.” Her role as an East Coaster transplanted to a Texas ranch inspired the fashionista in me. Looking at old photos of Liz, I began to see how easily I could create my look. And while I certainly wouldn’t fool a Texan, I might make them wonder for a moment.

Before packing I consulted my host on a few wardrobe selections. I had a fabulous silk yellow top by Tibi with a bandana inspired print that I thought would be perfect with jeans. My friend erupted into a Texas howl of laughter. It was not a sensible choice, although in hindsight I still think it would have looked great. She suggested I stick with cotton tops.

While Western clothing is about the basics, statement pieces are the essentials. My simple brown cowboy boots were no match for the colorful, ornate and incredibly functional boots I saw on the ranch. They were meant for riding but could easily strut down the tents at Bryant Park. No two boots were the same.

Belt buckles are not only incredible accessories to spice up your look but are badges of honor. Skilled metal artisans create these intricate and distinguished pieces that not only showcase your achievements but also hold your pants up – and they look fabulous over a long prairie skirt.

Hats come in many styles, shapes and fabrics. I choose a straw hat with a faux turquoise band. Without my hat, my rancher look felt incomplete. I was a girl on a horse in jeans, boots and a white cotton shirt. Wearing my cowboy hat, I completed my look and my Liz Taylor moment was fully achieved.

I rode off into the sunset with my friends and maybe for one brief moment someone might have thought we were Texans.

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