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Local artist Jim Cotter invited to take part in New Orleans exhibit

One of Jim Cotter's art pieces on display this month in a New Orleans gallery.
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NEW ORLEANS — Jim Cotter, an Eagle County artist, jeweler and owner of the J. Cotter Gallery, was asked to participate in “Coincidence-Collision-Assembly: The Art of Uniting the Unusual” exhibit. Cotter is one of a small number of artists to be included in this very unique show. The exhibition will be at Thomas Mann’s Gallery I/O in New Orleans. The show is being held through Nov. 17 in celebration of Gallery I/O’s 25th anniversary.

Cotter’s work has always consisted of multiple elements. These elements are not often seen together in any other context. These juxtapositions and the concepts integrated into the artwork provide more meaning and intangible value to the pieces beyond that of the materials, metal and gemstones used in the creation. Cotter set an example for upcoming artists with this innovative work and helped change the way modern jewelry is made, seen and worn.

The artists included in “Coincidence-Collision-Assembly” all exemplify an aspect of this notion. The work Cotter has in the exhibition displays the idea of combining elements in unusual ways and every piece also incorporates his favorite element: humor. His “Concrete Paintings” will certainly stand out while in New Orleans. These pieces incorporate cement in frames with various objects embedded in the cement, including steel and faceted stones. The other collection of Cotter’s work is his cast toothpaste caps and rollers. All are made out of solid cast bronze and these small sculptures are intended to help with the action and aesthetics of brushing your teeth.

For more information on this exhibition and Cotter’s art and jewelry, contact J. Cotter Studio at 970-827-4222 or studio@jcottergallery.com.

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