Local artist on display in July at Vail Public Library

Vail Valley artist Pia Reynaldo will have his work on display at the Vail Public Library for two week in July. Meet the artist on June 30.
Pia Reynaldo | Special to the Daily

Pia Pilar Reynaldo is a Vail Valley artist and will be showing her work at the Vail Public Library from July 1-31.

Reynaldo lives in East Vail and has been inspired to create art from the moment she picked up her first brush.

“I don’t have much clarity except that it comes and goes, and sometimes it just crashes to the ground and then surfaces to the top,” she said. “I’m not here to impress — I paint what I know and what I feel from memory.”

As a child, Reynaldo began sketching while her parents were practicing medicine in Chicago. She went on to attend Mount Mary College in Milwaukee with a focus in graphic design, illustration and painting.

“This was before computers,” she said, “such a lovely time.”

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For more information and to see Reynaldo’s artwork, stop by the Vail Public Library from July 1 through July 30, and follow her on Instagram at @oops_i_spilled_paint.

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