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Local clothing designer sells T-shirts for hurricane relief

Damon and Derek Redd of Kind Designs clothing designed and are selling T-shirts to raise money for Vermont's victims of Hurricane Irene. They're available locally, in Vermont and through their website, www.kinddesignclothing.com.

Damon “Baz” Redd was strolling around his Vermont hometown with his wife, when they happened across the high water mark from a 1938 storm that devastated the city.

It’s eye level in the middle of town, and hopefully, water would never get that high again.

A week later it surpassed it by eight inches when Hurricane Irene blew through Burlington.

“It seems unreal,” Redd said.

Redd runs Kind Design clothing and he’s designing and selling T-shirts to help fund disaster relief. The money is going directly to local Wilmington businesses and homeowners.

He and his brother grew up in Wilmington and skiing in nearby Mount Snow, Vermont.

“Vermonters are independent strong people and everyone is chipping in,” Redd said. ” We’re trying to raise money to rebuild the town I grew up in. My parents still live there.”

So far, he has printed 400 shirts and sold 100 locally the first week. He sent the rest back to Vermont. They’re all over southern Vermont, New England and in a half dozen local shops, along with his other designs.

Before Hurricane Irene arrived, fears were centered mainly on storm surges along the Eastern Seaboard, from North Carolina to New England.

But Vermont and upstate New York were hit the hardest.

Topography and the size of the storm – 500 miles wide – were the biggest factors.

When a hurricane hits land, it loses some of its moisture when the colder ground causes condensation and rainfall.

Irene was barely a hurricane when it made landfall, but it dumped water on the area’s hills and into the valleys, leaving floods in its wake.

“The roads were impassable,” Redd said.

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