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Local comics Alexander Barry and Matt Cirkovic are doing a free comedy show Monday

Local comics Matt Cirkovic, left, and Alexander Barry are performing a free comedy show Monday evening in the Eagle Valley High School auditorium. The pair are Eagle Valley grads and do a comedy podcast called "A Radio Show."
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If You Go ...

What: Free comedy show starring Alexander Barry and Matt Cirkovic.

When: 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 11.

Where: Eagle Valley High School auditorium, 641 Valley Road, Gypsum.

Cost: Free.

More information: Cirkovic and Barry are Eagle Valley grads whose stars have been rising in the comedy world.

GYPSUM — Dust off the 150-point type face and let the headline scream, “Class clowns capture comedy crown!”

At the tender age of 19, Alexander Barry and Matt Cirkovic are already being paid to be funny. They’re returning to their roots Monday evening for a free comedy show in the Eagle Valley High School auditorium.

They’ll do some sketches to open the show, some improv in the middle and each of them will close with some stand-up.

Your job is to laugh, which will be easy because these guys are hilarious.

Hilarity for a living

Their vocational goal is to perform and write comedy.

“We’ve been dreaming that dream for a very long time … at least since we were 14,” Barry said.

Like we said, they’re 19 now.

That may seem young, but Eddie Murphy was 19 when he landed a spot with the “Saturday Night Live” Not Ready for Prime Time Players. Bo Burnham was headlining television specials in his teens. Jay Pharoah, Rico Rodriguez and countless others were all comedy stars before they were old enough to buy legal weed.

So yeah, Barry and Cirkovic can get there from here.

“We just love making people laugh more than anything in the world,” Barry said.

“This is what we want to do and be. We just want to make people laugh,” Cirkovic said.

And here’s the other thing. Given the wonders of social media, you can do it yourself, and get feedback from the viewing public — lots and lots of feedback.

“When you want to do an audition, either for writing or getting a part, you need experience,” Barry said. “Agents want to handle people who have some experience, and this is one way to do that.”

The show will be filmed and distributed to all sorts of places.

A Radio Show

They’ve been doing performances on their own. Barry has been working the New York City comedy clubs on open mic nights.

They do a popular podcast called “A Radio Show.” They answer random questions they’re either asked or find.

“A lot of times we don’t answer the question at all,” Barry said.

One time they talked about pirates for 20 minutes. The question was not about pirates, but the answer was funny.

They booked the auditorium at Eagle Valley about a month ago and spent the ensuing weeks writing the show.

“We think we have a good idea about what’s going to happen on that stage,” Cirkovic said.

Together for fun

This is hardly the first time they’ve worked together.

They were duet humor partners all four years on Eagle Valley’s speech and debate team, so they really have been finishing each other’s sentences for years.

“We’ve been together doing comedy for years. It’s also important to have someone to bounce ideas off of,” Cirkovic said.

They started doing some small shows, entertaining anyone who would pay attention long enough for them to set up a joke and deliver the punchline.

Occasionally, it was a Eagle Valley High School classroom, which was always funny but not always in the perfect context.

Dog jokes are hilarious when you hear the line “out damned spot,” while you’re studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth in English class.

Some teachers, though, can be humor impaired.

“We might have been a bit of a problem in school sometimes,” Barry said.

“I think we made our mark on the school,” Cirkovic said.

Like all creative types whose pure-hearted intentions can be misunderstood, they sometimes landed in detention.

“Whenever we did something that got us in trouble, it wasn’t to cause trouble. It was for the sake of comedy,” Barry said.

They were just sitting there with only their brains to play with, so they’d create characters and do voices, rolling out entire comedy scenes.

They’re hoping for a big crowd Monday evening.

“It’ll be great to have a bigger audience instead of a coffee shop,” Barry said.

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