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Local docs: Give us your shoes

Andy Bruner
Summit County Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Summit Daily/Eric Drummond

BRECKENRIDGE ” It was at the start of the year that Breckenridge resident Amy Perchick was working out at the town recreation center, doing physical therapy for the shoulder and leg she had injured the summer before.

While riding an exercise bike, Perchick was thumbing through one of the rec center’s many outdated magazines ” a copy of Runner’s World from December 2005. On page 70, she saw a short article and photo describing a Boulder-based organization called One World Running that collects shoes for donation to those who need them around the world.

Immediately, Perchick said, a thought “went off in my head.” One World Running’s mission wasn’t so different from her line of work as practice administrator for podiatrists Schneider-Maurer Foot and Ankle Associates, based in Avon and Frisco. After all, both groups were primarily concerned with taking care of feet.

Later that day at work, Perchick asked her co-workers if they were interested in participating in a One World Running shoe drive. They told her to find out more, so she contacted the organization to arrange the necessary connections.

But Perchick discovered helping One World Running wasn’t exactly a simple matter.

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“It should be easy when people come together for a good cause, but it’s not,” Perchick said. In order to get any shoes they collected to Boulder, the staff of Schneider-Maurer would have to deliver them themselves or pay to mail them.

Still, the office began collecting shoes to be sent to Kenya, Nepal and Tibet. Perchick said as she learned more about One World Running, her respect for the group grew.

“What I liked about it is it’s not just kids and it’s not just adults and it’s not just sneakers,” she said.

In fact, One World Running sends shoes to wherever they’re needed ” whether that’s Africa or the U.S. The group started in 1986 as Shoes for Africa, but grew in scope until the name change to One World Running was needed in 2001. Mike Sandrock, founder of One World Running and a sportswriter for the Boulder Daily Camera, said no shoe goes wasted with his group.

Used shoes still up to snuff are cleaned and sent on their way to those who need them, either by linking up with a group already heading to the destination or through the more expensive route of shipping them in the mail. Those shoes that are no longer useable are donated to a Nike program that recycles them for playground plastic.

The Schneider-Maurer shoe drive lasts until Oct. 26 at both of its offices.

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