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Local fashionista goes on The WB

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VAIL – Fifteen-year-old Battle Mountain freshman Nicole Greensher is dying to go to the prom an event only open to upperclassmen and their dates. She’s heard rumors that other girls are so desperate to go, they’re actually paying high school juniors and seniors to take them, but no way is Greensher going to stoop to that level.No, while she waits for an invitation, the pint-sized fashion freak will settle for telling other girls what they should wear to the prom. Tomorrow, Greensher will take her prom-centric message to The WB where she’ll try to educate girls in five states on how to pick the perfect prom dress.”I’m not nervous at all she said. “I’m excited. I was very nervy. I called the networks and told them about myself and what I could do for them. I’m really ambitious.”An illustrious careerAmbitious is just the tip of the iceberg. Sketching dresses since the age of 4, Greensher has since made her way to Parsons School of Design, a noted fashion academy in New York City, and earned a spot in Teen Vogue magazine. Since December, Greensher has been a regular on local Channel 8 hosting Fashion Factor, a bi-weekly segment featuring different local clothiers. And she also writes a weekly fashion column for the Vail Daily.

Recently, during a trip to Denver, Greensher walked into The WB studios and asked to speak with the powers that be. “She’s very mature, and I think producers are impressed with her,” said Greensher’s dad, Bill. WB Segment Producer Nancy Melear was sufficiently impressed and gave Greensher full control over what will be a five-minute segment on prom fashions. “She said, ‘You’re in charge of everything,'” Greensher said, so she got to work. Hometown girlGreensher said she could have approached a big modeling agency for girls to show off the dresses but wanted to say local even adding a little do-going to the mixture by inviting both Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain high schoolers to participate.

“I’m uniting the schools’ rivalry,” she said. “It might help. I’m trying to inspire people, getting people together.”Greensher she said she perused big stores in Denver like Saks Fifth Avenue and Foley’s but was unimpressed.”Everything looked old and boring,” she said making a face. “I had come to Charm School Boutique for Fashion Factor, and I really liked their stuff. Their dresses are from Europe, and they’re one of a kind.” European fashion – apparently a high art form than American styles boast more texture in fabrics and elaborate beadwork and embroidery, Greensher said. And the bonus of one of a kind dresses means no one else at prom is going to be mimicking your look.Smaller boutiques, like Vail’s Charm School Boutique, will also offer shoppers more experienced and knowledgeable staff willing to work one on one with buyers, said Carla Lewis, owner of Charm School. “We’ll work with people not to sell them something, but help them buy,” Lewis said. “We really want something that’s going to flatter. We’re not going to let you walk out of here in something that doesn’t look good.”

Overcoming adversityWhile Bill Greensher is thrilled about his daughter’s success, he said he’s not surprised by it.””She deserves it,” Bill Greensher said. She’s had a hard life, and she’s so talented.”Nicole Greensher admitted the struggles she’s faced in life she has no relationship with her mother have likely made her more determined than most teenagers. “I heard that kids who go though something, it motivates you to get somewhere in your life,” she said. “You see the E! True Hollywood stories, and they’ve all been though something.”Past tribulations notwithstanding, Channel 8’s Tricia Swenson said Nicole Greensher’s drive puts her a step above the rest.

“I’m really impressed with her,” she said. “Most kids would be satisfied with getting a little recognition in high school, but she’s really going for some notoriety. This experience and exposure, it’s going to help her later in life. Nicole’s focus is beyond her high school years.”

Staff Writer Nicole Frey can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14621, or nfrey@vaildaily.com. Vail, Colorado

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