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Local Humane Society’s annual benefit Saturday in Eagle-Vail

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EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado – Party animals will howl at the moon and raise a bunch of money Saturday for the local Humane Society.The Animal Party is at the Route 6 Cafe, from 6:30 p.m., until they run out of howl.This year, every dime that changes hands goes to the local Humane Society. For the last seven years, Ollie Holdstock with the Route 6 Cafe has been handling food at other venues.This year they decided to bring it home.”We decided this year to have it at our restaurant and there would be no charge,” Holdstock said. “All the money goes to the local Humane Society.

Let’s reiterate that – it’s the local Humane Society, not the national organization that has come under so much criticism for raising millions of dollars, then spending it on fundraising, lobbying and multi-million dollar salaries.The national organization does little or nothing with animals, unless you count lobbyists.”Local organizations get no money from the national organization. People sometimes think it trickles down, but none does,” Quinn said.Even the beer and wine have been donated, so every dime really does go to the local organization.The admission includes appetizers and two adult beverages. That’s not all you get, of course. It’s five bucks for beer and wine.And did we mention that every single dime stays home with the local Humane Society?Among the distractions is a wine ring toss game. There’s a huge board with bottles of wine standing on it. You do as the name of the game would indicate and try to throw a ring over a bottle.”It’s like the ring toss at the fair, except for grownups,” said Char Quinn, director of the local Vail Valley Humane Society.Local musician John Martin will play songs to keep the party going.”We’re serving 6:30 p.m., to midnight, but if the party wants to keep going until four in the morning, we’ll keep going,” Holdstock said.

Holdstock and his crew have done the party for the last seven years. The food is always good, but because it’s at their place, this year it will be better, he said.They’ll have the traditional buffalo meatloaf that they’ve had every year, crab cake hors d’oeuvres, shrimp hors d’oeuvres, chicken and beef satay, just to mention a few. They’ll bring out more stuff as the evening rolls on.The silent auction features a massive grill, lots of gift certificates from local businesses and a cash raffle so the winner can hand the cash back to the local Humane Society as a donation and take the tax deduction.

The local Humane Society still has a no kill policy – animals it takes in are never euthanized.”The terminology has been abused at the national level,” Quinn said. “All you have to do to call yourself a no-kill facility is refuse animals.””We don’t refuse animals,” Quinn said.The local Vail Valley Humane Society has been around since 1974 and helps around 1,000 animals per year. They opened a new adoption center in Eagle, adjacent to Wags and Whiskers on Market Street near City Market. The visibility is good, and that helps the cause, but most animals go to one of their 35 foster homes.”These people volunteer their time and work through behavior issues with the animals until we find a permanent home,” Quinn said.

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