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Local libraries blaze trails

Cassie Pence
Special to the Daily Spellbinders will mesmerize children with their oral storytelling tradition at local libraries this summer.

Running-start cannonballs at the local pool. Little league games with ice cream afterward. Wildflower hikes through the High Country. Vacations in the family truckster. All these activities fill youngsters’ summer calendar, so it is easy to see why picking up a book often falls to the end of the list. With trinket rewards up their sleeve, local librarians are gearing up for an eight-week summer reading program aimed at keeping children’s skills sharp during the out-of-school season. Discover New Trails uses a different theme each week as a springboard for reading, activities and learning. Libraries have invited expert speakers to interact with the children, hoping the discussion will inspire them to pick up a book and read more about the subject.”The speaker peaks their interest in a topic, and after they have heard a little bit about constellations, they’ll go to the shelf and pick out a book on stars,” Brenda Bober, Avon Public Library children’s librarian, said.

Avon has chosen a Western theme, choosing books about mountain men, Native Americans and Louis and Clark. Kids from the 4-H, Forest Service members and teachers from the Gore Range Natural Science School plan to tell their story to the children.”I’m excited to have 4-H kids come. They are going to share their joy and what they do,” Bober said. “Maybe that will bring more kids out to the fair this summer.”Eagle Public Library is focusing their approach on the outdoors. Robyn Bryant, children’s librarian at Eagle Public Library, plans to erect a tent in the children’s area. Building birdfeeders and painting rocks are also the agenda.

“We start out reading a couple of books, then follow up with a type of game or craft. Our motivation is to get kids into the library and find it a fun, friendly place to be,” Bryant said.Professional actor, street performer, juggler, fire eater and magician Paul Borrillo kicks off the program Monday, June 7, playing host to an interactive trivia game. Just like a TV gameshow, each child presses a button on an electric joystick to answer a question. Questions will range from literature to entertainment to history.”When kids get the answer, a light pops on in their head,” Borrillo said. “It is like they’re building blocks together, you can see them all stacking up.”

Trained volunteers with Spellbinders will be spreading the magic of oral storytelling at all three libraries throughout the summer. “Oral storytelling is so much different than normal preschool storytime,” Bober said. “They are trained to tell a story without the use of pictures, books or props. Kids use their imagination and form pictures in their heads as they are listening to the story.”For more information on the summer reading schedule at each library, call Brenda Bober at the Avon Public Library, 949-6797; Robyn Bryant at the Eagle Public Library, 328-8800; and Paula Carter at the Gypsum Public Library, 524-5080.

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