Local photographer accepted into Spanish Peaks Photography Show

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“Abandoned Territorial Bank”
Raymond Bleesz/Courtesy photo

Edwards-based photographer Raymond A. Bleesz has been accepted to the 2022 Spanish Peaks Photography Show in La Veta with his photo, “Abandoned Territorial Bank.”

Bleesz is the Co-Founder of the Vail Valley Art Guild Photographers group and has been a member of Denver’s CPAC since 1976.

According to Bleesz, the historical territorial bank building has been in his camera’s viewfinder numerous times over the years as he has passed through on his travels, however, on a recent occasion, he accomplished what he wanted in the image: A story of abandonment.

His prior attempts at photographing this building were not to his satisfaction. The building, the largest building in the community of Green River, Utah, with its distinct architectural style, is located on Main Street, somewhat isolated with little to show for present community vitality. Historically, John Wesley Powell embarked down the Colorado River here in 1869, and the community of Green River produces some of the best cantaloupe and watermelons in the region.

According to Bleesz, the photograph tells a story due to its composition with the relic gas station and the old auto wrecker in the foreground showing age and abandonment with the bank building in the background, likewise,  showing abandonment with boarded-up windows, some broken.

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The essence of a good photograph is in its ability to tell a story, and in Black & White photography, it is especially more difficult than in colored photography. Bleesz prefers B&W photography more so than color and has pursued photography since 1976.

The La Vita community has a heritage in mining and ranching, and the Spanish Peaks Arts community is attempting to draw recognition to the town, between Walsenburg and Alamosa.

Eligibility to the Spanish Peaks La Vita show was national with limited entries. For more information, visit

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