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Local photographer shows in Denver

Three of the five photographs are silver gelatin archival black and white prints that Bleesz hand-colored with Marshall pencils. He hit upon the process while experimenting with alternative methods of photography. “5 O’Clock National News, Anniversary, 09/11/02,” includes the image of a large TV screen. “Cottonwood Pass, Gypsum, Co.” was taken locally in Eagle County. The third hand-colored photo is “Shade, Dead Horse Point, Utah.”

“The two other traditional black and white silver gelatin archival prints, likewise, have an interesting history,” said Bleesz. “”Denver Girls’ is an image I had taken in 1987 which has consistently received interesting responses from those who have seen it. The other image , taken this past August, was taken on a remote stretch of Route 6 between Price and Green River, Utah, an image I had been contemplating on for a long time.”

Hand-colored photographic prints are usually made on Luminois Papers, he said. By definition, a hand-colored print has been used since the days of the daguerreotype, in which the artist adds color manually to the surface of the black and white photographic print. Brushes, cotton swabs and airbrushes might be used.

Other works by the artist can be viewed locally at Brush Creek Dry Goods Store in Edwards. For more information call (970) 926-9182 or (97) 926-5424. The Jan Pelton Photogallery is located at 3947 Tennyson Street in the Elitch Gardens Park neighborhood of Denver. For more information, call (303) 458-5570.

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