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Local ranch tales, VailLibs and how to say ‘popcorn’ in Spanish: Kids Corner for the week of 5/04/20

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popcorn / palomitas de maíz

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MadLibs are one of the most popular word games for kids. See what funny stories you can create with this Vail Valley version.

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Time Travel

Learn about Eagle County’s history with tales about local ranches.

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The 22-acre Eaton Ranch, by the Eagle River in Edwards, is home to a heard of 62 cattle and a bull named Jack, raised from the bottle by owner, Mike Eaton. The family also maintains a 160-acre high mountain ranch in Squaw Creek, at 9,000 feet of elevation. This is where the Eaton cattle graze in the summer, and the beef is served at Bol in Vail.

When new settlers arrived along the Eagle River, they had large families and families intermingled. This is true with Eatons. Over the years, the Eaton family leased property, bought and sold ranches in what is now Beaver Creek, Edwards, Arrowhead, Squaw Creek, Eagle and Brush Creek. 

The Squaw Creek Ranch, located near present day Cordillera, was homesteaded by Carl Emmett Eaton in 1882. His son, Earl Eaton, together with Pete Seibert, were the visionary founders of Vail. Earl grew up in the homesteader’s cabin on the Squaw Creek property. Earl’s son, Carl, was the first baby born in Vail at the Red Lion Clinic in 1965. The ranch originally served as a sawmill and logging operation, but also harvested a large crop of lettuce, peas and potatoes. 

With the help of Eagle Valley Land Trust, Eagle County and the Vail Valley Foundation in 2005, the Eaton family sold 72 acres south of the river, an area now known as The Eagle River Preserve.

Time Travel is submitted by the Vail Valley Art Guild’s Ranch Project, which is chronicling local history through art. Learn more at vailvalleyartguild.com.

Game of the Week

Night at the Museum

Each person is in a circle 6 feet away from each other, with one person in the middle.  

The people in the outer circle must strike a pose and change poses while the person in the middle spins around and tries to find “moving statues.”

If you are caught moving, you become the person in the middle. 

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This drawing of the Eaton Ranch was completed by Beth Levine for the Vail Valley Art Guild’s Ranch Project.
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Printable copies are available here.

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