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Local Republicans elected to state roles

EAGLE COUNTY – A contingent of Eagle County Republicans traveled to Denver March 1 to attend the Colorado Republican Central Committee Organization Meeting. As dictated by its rules, the party meets every 2 years to elect new officers for the state slate as well as officers for all of the Congressional Districts Senate Districts, Judicial Districts, and House Districts. This is a follow up to the recent elections of new officers at the county level.

The weekend started with a meeting of the county chairs on Friday afternoon. This was the third such meeting since the November elections and they have focused on how to improve Republican message as well as new methods for communication. As chair of Eagle County, Kaye Ferry attended this meeting as well as the two previous meetings.

“This is the first time since I’ve been involved in Colorado state politics that there has been meetings specifically geared to the county chairs. These meetings were initiated by the chairs after the frustrating experiences they shared during the election,” Ferry said. “Party leadership was initially excluded so that an honest dialogue could occur. The meetings are now inclusive and already I can see that great stride have been made. I’m very optimistic about where we go from here and particularly of the methods we’ll employ in the future.”

Saturday was spent in the variety of district meetings and Eagle County Republicans were elected to several state offices. Kaye Ferry was elected as chair of Senate District 5 and as chair of Judicial District 5; Katherine Paisen-Senn was elected secretary for Senate District 5 and for Judicial District 5; John Rosenfeld was elected chair of House District 26 with Crystal Rice as secretary; and Jennifer Woolley is the new secretary of Congressional District 3.

“Once again, Eagle County was elected to several key leadership positions at the state level. This is a reflection of our hard work and dedication and also is an indication of the high regard with which Eagle County Republicans are held across the state,” Rosenfeld said.

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