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Local residents responded to fatal motorcycle crash

Melanie Wong
Vail CO, Colorado

MCCOY ” A man died and a woman was severely injured in a high-speed motorcycle accident on U.S. Highway 131 near McCoy on Sunday evening, nearby residents reported.

Witnesses to accident said the man was driving the motorcycle with the woman sitting in the back, and was speeding toward McCoy when they crashed around a blind corner. The man died at the scene, and the woman suffered severe leg injuries and was taken to the hospital. Both were wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

Colorado State Patrol, which handled the case, could not be reached to confirm details of the accident.

McCoy resident Lindsey Kirby said she was driving home and nearing a sharp, blind curve in the road when two sport motorcycles illegally passed her.

She estimates that the first motorcycle, which crashed, went past her at about 80 to 90 mph. Another motorcycle, driven by a male rider, followed, much more conservatively, she said.

“I thought to myself, ‘There’s going to be an accident,'” Kirby said. “It’s a falling, sharp, blind curve, and it’s seen a lot of accidents.”

When she came around the corner, she saw the woman lying unconscious in the road, the motorcycle was further up, and the man nowhere in sight, she said.

The man riding the other motorcycle stopped and was not injured.

Kirby called the police, and other neighbors and drivers began arriving at the accident. Several people who were nurses or emergency responders began giving the victims medical treatment.

Connie Cordova, who lives near McCoy and is a retired nurse, was one of the neighbors at the accident site.

“When we came, the male was wrapped around the guardrail, and was already turning blue,” she said. “The girl was in the road, in pain. Her leg was mangled and twisted.”

Others giving medical care reported the man had a faint pulse. They performed CPR on him for about 10 minutes, Cordova said.

The woman was in “excruciating pain,” and people at the scene put her on oxygen and an IV before the ambulance arrived 45 minutes later, Cordova said.

The woman told the people caring for her that she was 23 years old and from Avon. All the riders involved were from the area, Cordova said.

Witnesses said they were struck by how quickly and efficiently neighbors and bystanders mobilized to help the injured riders.

“I came away seeing my neighbors and these medical professionals handle it so well. Somehow within minutes we had six nurses on the scene,” Kirby said.

Cordova said the road there can be very dangerous, and the area is remote with no cell phone service.

“I’m just glad we were all there to help,” she said.

Other accidents have happened at the same turn, including another motorcycle fatality a few years ago, residents said.

“People just need to slow down,” Kirby said.

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