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Local Singletree artist exhibiting in Evergreen

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Fine art photographer Raymond A. Bleesz has been invited to participate in the “Visual Delights of France” arts exhibit at the Millsap Moore Gallery in Evergreen. The exhibit started Friday and will continue until Aug. 13.The show emphasizes the works of a painter and a photographer, and their views of art in France. Diane McClary, an impressionistic painter from Seattle is showcased. Her paintings provide a vivid comparison to Bleesz’s “straight documentary” style photographs. Both artistic styles of Parisian, Provence subject matter makes for a compelling show.

Other artists are also involved in the exhibit. McClary is a well-known regional painter who has a page running in the most recent issue of “Southwest Art Magazine,” promoting one of her paintings for the upcoming show.The Millsap Moore gallery chose Bleesz’s French photo images to juxtapose against those of McClary’s paintings. This juxtaposition was the intent of the gallery owners.

In the classic University of New Mexico text, “The Painter and the Photograph, from Delacroix to Warhol,” by Van Deren Coke, numerous examples are shown in the book depicting how painters borrowed ideas from photographers. The author’s tome is, “essentially a history, pictorial and verbal, of various ways in which artists of many countries have used photographs directly or indirectly in their work since the perfection of photography in 1837.”Van Deren Coke specifically cites that it is surprising that so little attention has been paid to the effect on artists of the discovery of photography.

The “Visual Delights of France” exhibit at the Millsap Moore gallery in Evergreen will draw attention to those issues.Bleesz’s photographs are primarily classic archival selenium silver gelatin black and white prints. It his preferred medium; however, the gallery owners selected one colored image out of Bleesz’s portfolio. That colored image depicts a white Peugeot scooter resting in place in front of a wine cellar door. The absentee rider has a sack of pommes de terre (potatoes) and a fresh baguette protruding from a grocery bag on the scooter carrier.

“Citroen, Le Deux Chevaux, Le Canard” is a photograph of a classic French car, an icon of French auto engineering. Every American tourist has identified with its charm or lack of charm. In “Chimney Sweeper-Paris,” Cartier Bresson’s decisive moment comes alive. Bleesz’s image depicts the chimney sweeper in his black uniform, capped, walking astride his bicycle, crossing the Seine at one of the city’s points. Bleesz is particularly attached to this photograph because the negative has been lost and therefore irreplaceable.”Breakfast Table in Provence” provokes thoughts of a Cézanne or Claude Monet, perhaps an impressionistic Picasso or a Van Gogh. A view of a breakfast table outdoors, white table clothed, coffee cups awaiting the sitters and a view of the vineyards below the chateau walls was taken at the Chateau Mousette within sight of the Chateau de Neuf Pape. “Mademoiselle” depicts a small girl playing alone in her courtyard. The Millsap Moore Gallery is located at the Lakepoint Center, 29005 Upper Bear Creek Rd, in Evergreen. For more information, call 303-670-1663. For more information on Bleesz, contact 926-9182.

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