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Local teenagers ‘saved’ by school

Caramie Schnell

Muffy Brooks believes in the power of knowledge. Even though Muffy has never taken a class at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School, both of her daughters, Megan, 16, and Molly, 17, have taken the school’s Second Gear one-day driving course.

And Brooks is happy that they have.

“It saved (Megan) twice, that I know about, when she was a new, young driver,” Brooks said.

Because of the things Megan learned at the winter driving school, she knew what to do when her car began to slide sideways on a curve, heading her straight towards a steep gully.

“She pulled out of it. Had she gone over, we’d been out a car, not to mention what could have happened to her,” Muffy said.

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Megan’s younger sister, Molly, took the class less than a month ago, the day before her 16th birthday.

“I went with a friend, we were both excited to go,” Molly said. “I gained more confidence with my driving. That was important; you can learn what to do, but if you don’t have the confidence you won’t react correctly in the situation.”

Both girls, Muffy said, feel more secure driving on icy, snow-packed roads, knowing how to react if the car begins to slide out of control. And despite the cost of the class (“it’s pricey,” Muffy said), she feels like it was well-worth the money.

“It’s worth every penny,” she said. “It has probably paid for itself over and over again as far as auto repair, with my older daughter, in particular.”

Muffy grew up in Minnesota and learned how to react when her car would slide out of control by driving on frozen ponds and lakes.

“To have something like this up in Steamboat, where they can really get the feel of losing (control) and getting it back, is great. That’s what it’s all about, to experience that there, where they’re safe, rather than when they’re driving down (Highway) 6 or on the interstate.”

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