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Local Tracks: Briony K. Hunn is a sweet sentimentalist

John O’Neill
Special to the Daily
Briony K. Hunn is a local up-and-coming singer-songwriter. She will open for Tiffany Christopher in two local shows this week.
Special to the Daily |

If you go …

What: Briony K. Hunn opening for Tiffany Christopher’s One Woman Band & Posse.

When and where: 6-9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2, at Crazy Mountain Brewing Co., and 7-10 p.m. Monday, Sept. 5, at Route 6 Café.

Cost: Free.

More information: Visit http://www.brionykhunn.com or tiffanychristopher.com.

EAGLE COUNTY — The most frustrating part of Briony K. Hunn’s music is there isn’t a satisfying amount of it to listen to. While the 2005 Battle Mountain High School graduate is not surprisingly and rapidly moving toward devoting a majority of her time to composing and playing music, most of her work remains largely under wraps.

“I might honestly still be figuring it out,” Hunn said. “I am wanting to share my music, definitely, but for a long time, it’s been me and my guitar, maybe playing for my friends and family.”

Playing acoustically on guitar, Hunn’s voice will find an ear in your heart. It offers a unique and refined quality that, even when covering the work of other musicians, shows the music belongs entirely to her and the listener.

Apart from playing live, which she will do on Friday at 6 p.m. at Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. and Monday at Route 6 at 7 p.m. as an opener for Tiffany Christopher’s One Woman Band & Posse, Hunn mostly holds back on sharing her music from a sort of identity crisis.

“What I have known is that I want to do it my way,” Hunn said. “I just am not sure what that way is right at this moment. I am willing to put myself out in the public sphere if what I am doing can help people and if people like it.”

Finding a voice

Despite recently emerging as a talented local musician, music has been a big part of Hunn’s life since she first picked up a guitar in high school.

“I have always loved to sing, but I never contemplated making music,” Hunn said. “By happenstance, I was good friends with a girl sophomore year who grew up playing guitar. I fell for it hard, playing music and creating music. I started songwriting immediately. I was probably driving my sister crazy playing songs over and over.”

The first time she ever played publicly was her senior year talent show in 2005. Her sound remained private until recent opportunities with Tiffany Christopher, the acclaimed New Mexico-based singer-songwriter, have drawn Hunn’s talent out from the shadows.

“Watching (Christopher) play, she struck me with her genuineness. She is so raw up on stage and completely herself,” Hunn said. “She made an interesting comment about playing music to facilitate a feeling. When groups of people are listening to you, everyone at the same time is feeling the same thing. Sharing a feeling through music is something I thought was very profound.”

Christopher has since become a friend and mentor to Hunn. The duo recently spent time touring the Southwest. While Christopher is aiming for big stages, Hunn said she is along for the ride mostly to learn.

“Tiffany works so hard. She is definitely a rockstar. She plays probably 250 times a year,” Hunn said. “I have never had that desire to be a rockstar. The lifestyle doesn’t necessarily appeal to me. I like simplicity. I started taking her up on her invitations mostly to learn. I want to say ‘yes’ to these types of opportunities and expand my ability to share.”

On tour, things started to happen. Hunn learned about making music as a vocation instead of a hobby. She has expanded from the guitar to the mandolin, piano and electric bass. She has set up a small studio in her house and has become enthralled with the new equipment.

“All of this is a beginning, a glimmer of what exactly I want things to look like,” Hunn said. “Hopefully by the end of this year, I’ll be playing and sharing my music regularly.”

About the shows

Hunn’s role with Christopher has mostly been as an opener; however, she, along with Kalin Capra on upright bass and banjo, will join Christopher on stage at times during these local shows.

Christopher is on the road for her 14th summer tour to promote the release of her upcoming album “Tremendous Heart,” available Sept. 30. Christopher’s unique pop, folk and rock sound emanates from not only musical talent but also a raw technical ability. The feat has earned her accolades from the media and venue owners and fans.

The show incorporates vocals, kick drum, high hat, guitar, ukulele, piano, loops and effects, which Christopher combines into a high-energy one-woman band tour de force.

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